Texas Jazz Festival has massive turnout for 2018


Jazz musicians performing on the main stage. Photo taken by Kirklan Hinojosa

Kirklan Hinojosa
Web Editor

The 58th annual Texas Jazz Festival took place Oct. 19-21, 2018 at Heritage Park. The free event included 50 bands on three stages, over 100 vendors, wine-tasting and more.

The Texas Jazz Festival is the largest free jazz festival in south Texas. This year, the event was so large that shuttles were available for transportation to and from the event.

Security has also increased this year due to large numbers of visitors. According to an article by KiiiTV, the Corpus Christi Police Department hired a private security company and the National Guard attended the event as extra security as well. The extra security measures helped the event run smoothly.

“It was such a large event,” said Junior Music major, Jada Smith. “I never expected so many people to show up. There is so many good vibes here. Everyone is just drinking, dancing, smoking and having fun listening to the live music.”

In addition to many live performances, local and visiting artists attended to sell their work.

“It’s my first time selling here,” said Alysa Posavac with AAMPD Homemade Bows. “I have a two year-old daughter and she loves making bows. So, I started making them and I thought, ‘Well, I could sell these,’ and I’ve done really well.

Handmade bows created by AAMPD Handmade Bows. Image taken by Kirklan Hinojosa

“I will be back to the Jazz Festival next year because I have done better here than I have at any other show.”

Additional artwork being sold included handmade paintings, jewelry, clothing, electronics and more.

Details for the 2019 Jazz Festival have not been released yet, but the event has historically taken place at Heritage Park for over 20 years towards the end of October. For more information, you can follow The Texas Jazz Festival on Facebook or visit their website, http://www.texasjazzfestival.com