Osteen arrives to share ‘Next Level Thinking’ at Solid Rock Church


Joel Osteen (left) speaks to Pastor Steve Coronado at the Solid Rock Church about his book “Next Level Thinking” and sharing wisdom with those in attendance.

Jonathan Garcia

The crowd stood up in thunderous applause after Pastor Steve Coronado of Solid Rock Church welcomed Pastor Joel Osteen with a “warm Corpus Christi welcome.”

Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, participated with Coronado for a 5 p.m. Saturday service where a week filled with rain brought out a sunny day for Osteen’s arrival.

“We’ve had rain, drizzle, clouds,” said Coronado, “and the one day that pastor Joel Osteen shows up, we get a clear blue sky.”

During the service, Osteen discussed his latest book with Coronado, “Next Level Thinking: 10 Powerful Thoughts for a Successful and Abundant Life.” Osteen explained why he named the title of the book what it is, stating that we limit ourselves because of our own thinking, and how his thinking impacted him after his father’s passing.

His thoughts set a limit on him as it kept telling him the reasons why he couldn’t be a pastor, but Osteen rose up to change his mind set on things.

“If I hadn’t changed my thinking and taken the limits off myself,” said Osteen, “I wouldn’t be here.”

According to Osteen, the goal of the book is to take the limits off of yourself. Osteen explained there is a negative “recording” in our minds that tells us what we can’t do, sets limits on ourselves, holds us back and prevents us from reaching our destiny.

“You need to turn that recording off,” said Osteen, “and put on a new recording on what God says about you: that you are blessed, talented and forgiven.”

In one of the chapters of Osteen’s book, it states that, “If you’re going to recognize your value, you have to see yourself as amazing and wonderful. …

“If you’re getting your value from people,” said Osteen, “you’re going to be disappointed because people change.”

Osteen later explains that people are human, and we should get our value from our heavenly father, quoting Ephesians, calling us “masterpieces” and that God chose us before we chose him.

Osteen concluded by saying for those who don’t have a legacy behind them to be the one to start it.

“You can start it,” said Osteen. “You can be the one to make it easier on those who come after you.”

Osteen also mentioned that if someone has a legacy, keep it going. They need to believe they will leave the world better than they found it for their families. The event concluded with a meet and greet with Osteen and a chance to purchase a signed copy of his new book.