President Kelly Quintanilla presenting Dr. Robert R. Furgason with an honorary award for his contributions to the Island University. Photo by Sierra Lutz/ISLAND WAVES

Dedication Celebration of the Dr. Robert R. Furgason Engineering Building

December 8, 2018

On Friday, Dec. 7, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi celebrated the official dedication of the renaming of the engineering building to the Dr. Robert R. Furgason Engineering Building.

Dr. Robert R. Furgason was the 9th President of TAMU-CC serving from 1990 to 2004 and oversaw many changes and advancements of the university.


New signage on the Dr. Robert R. Furgason Engineering Building. Photo by Sierra Lutz/ISLAND WAVES

“Dr. Furgason arrived in Corpus Christi in 1990, at that time President of Corpus Christi State University,” said President Kelly Quintanilla, “where he presided over one of the most successful eras of the university’s history. An era that saw the university join the A&M System, downwardly expanding to become a comprehensive four-year university that transformed in terms of student enrollment from 3,400 students … to 9,000 students at the end of his 14-year presidency. Many of whom, most of whom, were full-time students.

“Dr. Furgason ushered in a wave of growth,” continued Quintanilla, “that included not only enrollment, but included new academic programs, classroom space, labs, offices, operations and buildings, which totaled $250 million in capital improvements and that includes the building that now bears his name.”

Furgason was also instrumental in the building of the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies where he personally served as the founding executive director. Furgason has continued to stay involved in TAMU-CC’s engineering programs and believes that here is still a lot to come for the university.

“I can tell you that he still to this day is helping us fight the battle for continued engineering programs on this campus,” said Quintanilla. “And hopefully soon we will win the next battle which will be for civil and industrial engineering. But none of it — past, present or future — would be possible without Dr. Furgason.”

Furgason was immensely honored to have a building dedicated and named after him and believes in the future of the Island University.

“I just see nothing but blue sky for it (TAMU-CC’s Engineering Program),” said Furgason. “It’s demonstrated its abilities so far and it’ll just keep on growing and keep on thriving.

“ … There’s still pending programs for the coordinating board, and we need to get those established and keep on putting these programs together. This institution has demonstrated that it does a wonderful job at that and we can continue to do that in areas of civil engineering and industrial.”


Caption: Dr. Robert R. Furgason presenting Todd Hunter an award for his help passing House Bill 2102, allowing for funding to improve the TAMU-CC campus. Photo by Sierra Lutz/ISLAND WAVES

Furgason recognized many of the people who helped him throughout his presidency at TAMU-CC, including his family and other prior staff members. He also specially awarded Todd Hunter for his assistance in pursuing funding to the university through House Bill 2102.

Quintanilla and the 200 guests at the Dedication Celebration all believe that Furgason’s legacy was integral to the current success of the university and that his continued support will only create a greatness in the engineering programs here at TAMU-CC.

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