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Senator’s meeting recap: Jan. 28, 2019

Senator’s meeting recap: Jan. 28, 2019

Senators and chairpeople gathered for SGA’s weekly meeting last night, Jan. 28. There were discussions of upcoming events (see the end of this article for dates) and plans for Homecoming, but the largest discussions surrounded the proposed resolution to change registration times and allowing Lime scooters on campus.

Debate ensued around the new resolution SR 28-4 Class Registration Resolution. This resolution proposes to change class registration times from midnight to 8 a.m. The resolution read:

“Currently, the course registration is set to open at midnight. It requires students to intentionally stay up late or wake up at midnight to register for classes that have a limited number of seats, thus unnecessarily affecting their schedules.”

The resolution also points out that support staff are not available late at night during this time, unable to help with complications like student holds or website crashes. The main concern of changing registration to 8 a.m. would be the conflict of class and work schedules.

“A lot of us work or have class typically during the day,” said Senator Friederike Davis, College of Science & Engineering, “so midnight is the most convenient way. …”

The resolution is currently tabled and has been sent to the Academic Affairs Committee for review.

Another topic up for debate is the use of electric scooters on campus. Some believed the allowance would be a cause for safety concern while others believe it to be viable transportation to and from campus to nearby areas like Momentum Village.

“People generally like these,” said President Connar Allen. “… Our issue of where they can and can’t ride it, it’s inconsequential because the moment they ride it where you’re not supposed to, it will stop itself.”

What are your thoughts? Find your Senator and let them know from SGA’s website, Want to become more involved on campus? Continue reading for upcoming SGA events. Go Islanders!


Upcoming events

  • Campus Safety Walk: Wednesday, Jan. 30
  • Penny Wars: Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 5—6, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in UC Rotunda
  • Peace Pole Declaration: Friday, Feb. 8, noon at Anchor Plaza
  • Day at the Capitol: Thursday, Feb. 7
  • Friday Fiesta: Friday, Feb. 8, 3:30—6:30 p.m. in Dugan Gymnasium

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