CCPD Officer Reyos speaks with a theft victim.

Aspen Heights string of robberies

January 31, 2019

At around 4:00 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 27, a gang of thieves broke into more than 20 vehicles,stealing two from the Aspen Heights apartment complex. The suspects have not been apprehended and authorities warn they could strike again.

Aspen Heights is aware of the robberies and a representative told Island Waves, “Officers are currently investigating the incident, and we will update you if the suspects are found or if there are any updates in the investigation.”

One of the victims, Anastacia Herrera, described the incident, saying, “I was on my way out to go to work and I saw my car door was partially open. … Then I get in and my glove compartment was wide open.” That is when Herrera  realized she had been robbed.

“It made me feel unsafe after that,” Herrera continued. “Now I actually have to take my stereo out and always make sure my door is locked.”

Officer Reyos, Senior Officer for CCPD, was on scene after the incident, taking a police report from Arianna Aloia, another victim of the robberies and photographer for Island Waves.

“Bulgeries vary at different locations,” said Reyos, “but typically, we will see a higher number in apartment complexes because of the higher number of people residing in one location.”

“We try to remind people to lock up their vehicles and residences,” Reyos continued. “The new trend is that they won’t even break the windows anymore. Instead, they will walk around and just see who left their car unlocked.”

Stay tuned as Island Waves continues to report on the investigation.



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