Senator’s meeting recap: Feb. 4, 2019

February 5, 2019

Senators and chairpeople gathered for SGA’s weekly meeting last night, Feb. 4. The main conversation centered around proposed bills and resolutions, including changing senator appropriation, bettering dorm safety and mandatory election campaigning.

President Connar Allen started the meeting off by giving a presentation about a proposed change to Senate that’s focused on making it more representative of college’s populations. One question was if students would even want to fill more seats in the Senate if they became available.

“What I’ve heard from students is that the ones who want to run for Senate are usually in Liberal Arts or Science & Engineering,” said Vice President Cassandra June Scheick, “which are usually full. So, I think as far as our retention and our improvement, it’s all about our leadership and the goals of the administration.”

A concern was the possibility, in the future, if TAMU-CC grew exponentially, a mass majority would easily form and potentially sway votes.  

“Thinking if, for some reason, the number (of Senate seats) got increased to 65,” said Associate Justice Morell Jenkins, “Science & Engineering would have 17, Liberal Arts would have 15. If you wanted to sway the vote on something, you need those two colleges behind you and then a couple more people, and then they could basically overtake the entire Senate.”

A bill or resolution has not been proposed yet, but we will update on that when it does.

S.R. 28-5 Surveillance Resolution was quickly introduced by Freshman Sen. Stormie Gutierrez and resolved yesterday in response to the break-ins at Camden Miramar. Three students’ rooms were reportedly broken into, including Gutierrez’s. Since resolved, a formal letter will be sent to American Campus Communities to ask for installation of CCTV cameras in stairwells, entrances and exits.

The last new business was the contended S.B. 28-7 Election Code Bill introduced by Scheick. This bill proposed making campaigning optional during elections for SGA candidates. Disagreements arose between making sure that constituents are aware of their representatives and allowing candidates to show effort through campaigning.

“It (campaigning) is a way of letting them (students) know who is going to represent them,” said Graduate Studies Sen. James Maji. “Should they have any issue, they don’t need to ask. If he doesn’t campaign, who will know he is going for the Senate position? Who will know he is going for the president position? … When I need him to serve me, I need to get to him and I need to know who to get to.”

“I think that it’s great to say, ‘Oh, it’s optional,’” said Library Sen. Phebe Leach, “because then the people who will actually want it will be the ones campaigning.”

After much deliberation, the bill was reformed and enacted with the revisions that candidates will still have to campaign, but they will not have to do so over online platforms.

“I better see everyone running for reelection having an on-campus flyer posted because you wanted them,” said Scheick after the reformed bill was enacted.

What are your thoughts? Should our Senate size be more representative of college’s populations? Tell us what you think on any of our social medias @islandwavestogo. Interested in running for Senate and ready to campaign? Sign in to I-Engage at,, and apply under the “Forms” tab. Go Islanders!

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