Senator’s meeting recap: Feb. 11, 2019

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Senator’s meeting recap: Feb. 11, 2019

Caleigh Sowder, Copy Editor

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Senators and chairpeople gathered for SGA’s weekly meeting last night, Feb. 11. Old business surrounding S.B. 28-7 Election Code Bill and S.B. 28-6 Class Registration Resolution were revisited while a new bill, S.B. 28-8, was added to help maintain order during Senate meetings.

President Connar Allen issued Executive Order EO 28-2, putting the Election Code Bill previously passed by Senate back on the table for further discussion and review.

“Basically, the text that was altered did the opposite of what the student senate intended it to do,” said Allen. “I think that y’all were rushed to do this because you were unintentionally misled about the deadline for changing the election code. …

“The fact of the matter is, if you are contested, you shouldn’t have to campaign because you’re just going to lose if you don’t,” continued Allen. “Plain and simple. … Having people prove that they campaign was just a huge waste of time. Making sure that every single person running for something — not on the ballot, but running for something — campaigned takes up a lot of time for people running the election.”

S.B. 28-7 was enacted, meaning that those running for Senate will no longer be required to campaign or show proof that they campaigned.

Next old business was looking at S.B. 28-6 after it was reviewed by the Academic Affairs Committee. This bill proposed to change class registration times from midnight to 8 a.m. The new time was proposed due to the lack of support available from IT and TAMU-CC staff at midnight if registration issues arose.

“It doesn’t matter what time of day,” said Secretary Ryleigh Washerlesky. “If you have a hold, it’s going to be complicated. You’re not going to be able to call someone. You’re not going to be able to email someone. You have to either go through your advisor or go through the correct person, which can happen at any time of the day, whether they’re working or not working.”

The bill was denied by the student Senate, meaning that registration will still be at midnight. This bill sparked important conversations, though, centered around notifications of holds and consideration of schedules for different programs like graduate studies.

What are your thoughts? Do notifications about holds need to improve? Tell us what you think on any of our social medias @islandwavestogo. Interested in running for Senate? Sign in to I-Engage at,, and apply under the “Forms” tab. Senate applications close March 8. Go Islanders!


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