Senator’s meeting recap: Feb. 18, 2019


Miguel Gutierrez, Reporter

The Student Government Association held another Senator meeting last night, Feb. 18. The meeting started off with a discussion about the importance of diversity. Next discussed was SB 28-8 Committee Transparency Act, which was passed. The meeting ended with debate over SR 28-6 Free Period Products Resolution.

Guest speaker Delaney Foster, Assistant Director for Engagement Initiatives, directed a presentation about the importance of diversity on campus. “Things are changing very rapidly,” said Foster, “and we have to deal with differences.

“We survey the people who hire graduates,” continued Foster, “and what these people are looking for aside from technical skills learned in the classroom are people who work well with others and people who can not only tolerate but successfully navigate difference.”

After Fosters presentation, the meeting moved on to discuss S.B. 28-8, which is the Committee Transparency Act. The bill called for the SGA to make a centralized list of university wide committees on the SGA website.

The bill proposed that the list must include the name of the committee, the name of the student appointee to the committee, and the student appointee’s official university email.    

Due to the difficulty surrounding the ability to regularly update the SGA’s website, the bill was amended to include the list on the SGA’s I-Engage page instead and the bill was passed.

Next discussed was the S.R. 28-6, which is a resolution advocating that period products and period education be provided to students on campus at no cost.

According to the resolution, the approximate cost of providing each female student with these products for a year would be $20,000. The sponsors of the resolution said this funding will be provided by the Environmental Affairs Committee and will not cause a rise in tuition.

The resolution was amended to include minor changes but was then unanimously passed.

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