Image courtesy of Cao Nugyen/ISLAND WAVES. Lime-S electric scooters suddenly appeared across TAMU-CC's campus on Monday, Feb. 18.
Image courtesy of Cao Nugyen/ISLAND WAVES. Lime-S electric scooters suddenly appeared across TAMU-CC's campus on Monday, Feb. 18.

Electric scooters on campus

February 20, 2019

The Island University received a surprise on Monday, Feb. 18, as a batch of Lime-S scooters were placed all across campus.

With Bird announcing their departure from Corpus Christi this past January and only Blue Duck and Lime-S remaining, students were left wondering when the scooters would finally arrive on campus and may now have an answer.

“We have been in contact with the university, notified them ahead of time and are operating under the existing policy,” said Lime Operations Manager, Tim Barnett. “We would like to have a long relationship with students and university.”

Currently, the scooters on campus have a geo-filter marking TAMU-CC as a “No Parking Zone.” Yet, the scooters technically are allowed on campus.

TAMU-CC currently provides safety guidelines for recreational devices in the Recreational Transportation Devices and Self Balancing Devices procedure 34.99.99.C0.01, which can be found on the university website. These devices include: skateboards, scooters, roller skates, longboards bicycles, hoverboards, gravity boards and balancing boards.

Image courtesy of Cao Nugyen/ISLAND WAVES. The procedure and regulations of the Lime-S scooters on campus is still uncertain but SGA is working with the campus to set a standard.

“Scooters fall into the same category as bicycles, skate boards, and roller blades,” said Robert Crumley, Director of Communications. “All are accepted on campus and fall under the use and safety guidelines as outlined on the TAMU-CC website in policy 34.99.c0.01.”

According to the mentioned devices procedure, none of the scooters would be allowed in walkways, breezeways, inside buildings or any other specified areas.

SGA is currently working on a resolution to regulate where the scooters should be parked on campus and where to lock a no parking zone.

“Currently, there is confusion about where they can and can’t be ridden and parked,” said Connar Allen, President of the Student Government Association, “but implementing policies to regulate their usage would not be difficult.”

Safety would be another important issue for students on the motorized scooters. The scooters typically travel as fast as 15 mph. Not wearing the proper safety equipment, losing control, falling off,  or running into other students at these speeds could be extremely dangerous.

Lime has provided a safety video, to teach users how to park properly.

“Follow Lime’s agreement in app,” said Barnett. “We would send students the How to Ride Lime-S rider tutorial. We also want users to know how to park properly and have created this video: Proper Parking.”

“Lime will continue to proactively educate riders and non-riders alike on how to safely ride and responsibly park their scooters and bikes.”

Island Waves will continue to report on more information about the procedure and practices of the electric scooters on campus.

Attached is a flyer containing a QR code for  access to a survey that will inform the decisions that SGA  makes while addressing scooters on campus.



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