The Glenn Miller Orchestra ends a set

The Glenn Miller Orchestra gives a jaw dropping performance

February 20, 2019

On Feb. 16, The Glenn Miller Orchestra visited the Performing Arts Center at TAMU-CC as part of their “Fergason Bravo! Series.” Attendees were graced with the wonderfully executed sound of orchestral music. Musical director Nick Hilscher brought with him a standout performance that is sure to stick in the minds of attendees for a long time to come.

The current incarnation of The Glenn Miller Orchestra began in 1956, over a decade after Glenn Miller boarded a transport plane to Paris that was never seen again. The orchestra is world renowned, having played in venues all across the globe.

The music that the orchestra plays is a unique form of jazz, music that most will have only heard through digital recordings and vinyl. The orchestra featured the amazing singing voices of Hilscher and their female vocalist Hannah Truchenbrod along with the talents of all their musicians. Saxophone players switched seamlessly between the sax and clarinets mid song, Louie Leager played a wonderful bass, and Dean Schweiger displayed a jaw dropping drum solo during their final set.

The Entire Glenn Miller Orchestra at the end of the show.

Attendees enjoyed the concert from beginning to end. “I thought it was fantastic, …” said Karl Robinson. “I grew up as a young boy listening to this kind of music on the old seventy eight RPM Records. It brought me back to my youth.”

One attendee discovered it was a small world afterall. “Unbeknownst to us, Hannah the singer, I know her dad,” said Tim Higgins, attending with his wife Marie Higgins. “I taught in Illinois. I saw the name and thought ‘I know that name,’ and sure enough, there’s a connection there. She went to one of the schools in my district.”

Seeing this music played live is something else entirely. There is a sense of showmanship and wonder in seeing it live.

The Performing Arts Center will end their “Fergason Bravo! Series” on March 1 with the PEN Trio. Tickets are on sale now with a students getting in for only seven dollars.


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