Impeachment inquiry document obtained by Island Waves.

SGA Senators frustrated with lack of internal communication during impeachment inquiry

April 15, 2019

According to documents obtained by Island Waves, an impeachment inquiry was launched against Student Government Vice-President Cassandra Schieck earlier this semester. SGA Senators, who asked to remain anonymous, voiced their frustration over the lack of transparency in proceedings. The faculty advisor ultimately decided that there was no misuse or mishandling of SGA funds.

According to the document, which has been substantiated by Island Waves, treasurer Justin Bustos signed the formal memo. It states:

“I am inquiring on an impeachment of the Student Government Association Vice President, Cassandra Schieck. The violations were made in mid-October when Vice President Schieck used University funds (SGA funds) for another organizations event without the prior consent of the Executive Board. She used these funds to help with the Political Science Club’s Debate Watch Party by catering drinks for the event. She sought to be reimbursed by the Political Science Club, yet the funds were never retrieved. She misrepresented information to a University Official in order to cater the event and deliberately kept the situation under wraps from the Student Government Executive Board.”

According to emails obtained by Island Waves, Schieck made a catering request for an SGA event on Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 8 p.m. However, according to I-Engage, SGA did not host an event on this day. But, according to TAMU-CC’s Political Science Facebook page, they did have a debate watch party during this exact date and time, listing SGA as one of the sponsors and as the provider for refreshments and T-shirts.

The Political Science’s I-Engage page shows meeting minutes taken Oct. 1 with Schieck elected as secretary and Connar Allen, the current SGA president, elected as treasurer. The meeting minutes also noted the need to establish a budget for the watch party.

This impeachment inquiry was the result of a simple misunderstanding over the use of SGA funds and the results of the inquiry reflect that: no action was taken against Vice President Scheick,” said Allen. “SGA had funded debate watch parties in the past, and Vice President Scheick made the assumption that we would be willing to fund it again. …

“After an internal review of the incident which included our advisor, it was agreed that we would make better processes for communication and accountability, but ultimately June did not misuse funds.”

Several SGA members tell Island Waves they were never informed about what ultimately occurred regarding the allegations. Different sources told Island Waves that a special Senate meeting was held earlier this semester where they were told an inquiry was being made, but there was no follow-up as to who was the target of the inquiry or what is was for.

“There was no follow-up,” said an anonymous Senator. “Going through the whole, ‘Don’t talk about it. Don’t talk about it. We’ll be doing another meeting and everything, and have that follow-up meeting to explain what was going on.’ We had to get information from each other.”

Island Waves will have more on its investigation in Issue 7, scheduled to hit stands this Thursday, April 18.


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