Club Spotlight: Women’s Soccer Club


Image courtesy of the TAMU-CC Women’s Soccer Club – The Women’s Soccer Club plays year-round in tournaments and scrimmages.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports around the world. The TAMU-CC Women’s Soccer Club allows female students the chance to get out and play recreationally whenever they have time.

Amber Barcenas, junior Business Management major, is the president of the Women’s Soccer Club.

“We’re a year-round club, so we have spring and fall seasons,” said Barcenas. “Fall seasons, we are in a league where we compete with other schools, and in the spring we don’t have a league. We play mostly tournaments and sometimes friendly games.”

The team is a member of the Texas Collegiate Soccer League, which has teams from over 30 schools across Texas competing in it.

Schools with soccer clubs in our district include Trinity, UTSA, TAMU-Galveston, UT-RGV, St. Edwards, NW Vista College, and TAMU-San Antonio.

“This season has been really slow, mostly just tournaments,” said Barcenas. “It’s hard to get in contact with other teams.”

Instead, the team is taking this opportunity to practice more for the fall season.

“We try to keep practice to twice a week,” said Barcenas, “and in order to avoid conflict, we try to do Mondays and Tuesdays, or Tuesdays and Wednesdays.”

Barcenas said that all practices are led by the most experienced members since they do not have a coach. Recently, the Women’s Soccer Club has had to change their practice venue.

“Right now, Momentum is under construction,” said Barcenas, “so everyone that uses Momentum is displaced. We’ve switched to Midtown since one of our girls lives there.”

The team is also very active within the community.

“We do volunteer work,” said Barcenas. “This semester, we are doing The Big Event, which is this weekend, and last semester we did Islander Lights Festival at the end of the year. We also used to go help out city league practices, so we would be working with little kids from about five to 10.”

The team is always looking for more members to join, and they are in need of a new goalie.

“We try to keep as many players as possible,” said Barcenas. “Since we are a soccer team, we have to keep 11 on the field, and we have right now registered 18 members, and of those 12 or 13 are really active.”

Gabi Renteria, freshman Criminal Justice major, is another member of the Women’s Soccer Club and encourages anyone to join.

“If you have experience or don’t have experience, we will help you out,” said Renteria.Everyone is welcome, that’s for sure. We have wide range experience levels, and we accept anyone.”

The best way to inquire about joining is to look them up on I-Engage or directly contact Barcenas.