Photos by Jonathan Garcia/Island Waves Dept of Comm and Media - The students of Communications and Media standing together on stage as they are honored for their excellence in their respected categories.

TAMU-CC hosts 7th annual SAMC Awards

April 30, 2019

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi hosted the 7th annual School of Art, Media and Communication awards ceremony on Sunday, April 28, in the Performing Arts Center.

The event honored students who have achieved excellence in several categories across the departments of art, music, theater, dance, communication and media. A reception was held before the awards ceremony to showcase some performances and short films from each department.

Many students took home awards for excellence in the field of communication and media, including theater and media studies major Kurt Wilkinson, who received a SAMC for outstanding scholar in Media Studies.

Lauren Champion receives a congratulatory hug from Theatre chair J. Don Luna upon being awarded outstanding Theatre education student.

“I learn through conversation, so I take an active role in the learning process and I feel like that’s why I’m remembered by a lot of professors,” said Wilkinson. “I just feel really honored to have something to show that I do put that extra effort in.”

Wilkinson’s long-term goal is to move to Los Angeles for grad school to pursue a career in media industries.

Theatre major Brandon Besse received an award for his excellence in choreography, putting together routines in the Islander Dance Demos in fall and spring. Receiving a SAMC came as a nice surprise to Besse as he attended the ceremony as a performer.

“I wasn’t expecting it considering I been to this once, and it was to perform,” said Besse. “I was very excited.”. Choreographing routines became second nature to Besse as he plans to continue doing what he loves once graduating from TAMU-CC.

“I really anticipate going to choreograph in the future,” said Besse, “especially since I’m going to be a Theatre teacher. I could choreograph my own musicals.” One of the opportunities Besse would like to choreograph is a routine in the Bailando dance festival in the future upon graduating.

The TAMU-CC Violin string quartet performs “Hallelujah” for those in attendance, introducing the department of music at the SAMC Awards.

Art major Annibel Trevino was awarded for excellence in printmaking, which surprised her, but also helps further her education.

“It’s really exciting because printmaking is going to be one of my emphasises going into my masters,” said Trevino, “so it’s exciting for me.”

Once Trevino receives her masters, she plans to become a professor of Arts. Trevino also has a piece titled “My Boomerang,” which is on display until May 3 at the Weil Gallery at TAMU-CC Center for the Arts building, part of the “My Medium” showcase.

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