Student Government Association meeting sees new members and a call to action


Matthew Tamez, Reporter

On Aug. 26, the Texas A&M Corpus Christi Student Government Association held their first meeting during the fall semester of 2019. While no old business was left over from the previous semester, President Sarina Garcia gave thanks to her fellow members for their help and work throughout the summer.

“I just want to take a minute to thank everyone who came out this summer and was able to help us out with Islander Launch and the first wave with welcome events.” Said Garcia.

Voting for the senators of the college of business, college of education and human development, university college, housing, first year student and college of graduate studies is currently ongoing. Applications will remain open until Sep. 4. Students interested in applying can do so through I-Engage

President Garcia and Vice President Brittney Held also appointed Pilar Bocanegra, a senior in biomedical sciences, as a senator for the college of science and engineering. Bocanegra was then voted by the rest of the student senate. 

“I love serving my community,” said Bocanegra. “I have a lot of great ideas for the college of science and engineering.”

Two associate justices were also appointed and voted in. RJ Loa, a freshman communication studies major, and Jacob Benavides, a sophomore english major, were voted in during the meeting. “I’m really excited to be with you guys this year.” said Loa, “I know I’m going to learn a lot.”

“I want to join the SGA  just to put my foot into getting more of a handle on what’s going on on campus.” Said Benavides.

Garcia was also previously informed by the university provost Dr. Clarenda Phillips that an academic advising survey would soon be going out to students, allowing students to tell the university about their experiences with advising. A new version of the degree plan will be going out, allowing students to see a step by step look at their classes they need to take each semester.

The SGA is looking forward to the rest of the new semester. Students can remain involved in the SGA by talking to the senator of their respective college and becoming involved with the campus community. The SGA holds open events such as townhall meetings throughout the semester for the benefit of the students allowing the SGA to hear from the students what they want to see changed an implemented into university policy.