Constitution day on the island


Photos courtesy of Miguel Gutierrez/ISLAND WAVES -Professor Eric Moore demonstrates how short the U.S. Constitution is.

Islanders celebrated Constitution Day on Sept. 17 this year by hosting a panel with speakers from the Political Science, Criminal Justice, and English departments. 

The constitution was signed on Sept. 17 1787, over 200 years ago. Constitution Day is a nationally recognized holiday observed in honor of the signing of this important historical document.   

First to speak on the panel was Dr. Jeff Dilliard, who suggested to the student body that they start looking at politics through the lens of policy rather than identity. 

Adding an interesting perspective to the conversation about the Constitution was Dr. Sarah Salter from the English department at TAMU-CC. “The constitution is a living document that is ever changing,” she said. 

Miguel Gutierrez

Eric Moore, a Criminal Justice professor at TAMU-CC, was in charge of hosting the event. “The Constitution is pretty short. In fact it’s only about 1,400 words. You could read it in half an hour including the bill of rights, but hardly anyone has.”   

In an interview with Island Waves, panelist Dr. Kevin Kearns said, “I think that people learning about the Constitution is absolutely essential.”

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