Legacy of Dr. Hector P. Garcia remembered this Hispanic Heritage Month


Image courtesy of Mary & Jeff Bell Library – Dr. Hector P. Garcia made an impact not only for the country, but the TAMU-CC community, as well. Pictured here is Garcia giving a talk at Mary & Jeff Bell Library.

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, the life of Dr. Hector P. Garcia was celebrated in memory of his legacy that he had created in serving the Corpus Christi community and the nation.

Garcia is an important figure in Mexican-American History because he founded the American GI Forum in 1948. The American GI Forum helped Hispanic veterans receive their civil rights that they had earned. With his hard work and dedication, Garcia was successful in helping those who needed a voice.

Dr. Michelle Kells, Professor of Rhetoric and Writing from the University of Mexico, said that she felt moved when she stepped onto campus. She was astonished at how much TAMU-CC has grown over the years and how it has continued to be involved with student’s education.

“To show the daily work it is to be a citizen,” said Kells, “it’s not something you don’t have to be in a position of great power. You don’t have to be someone who’s really eloquent to be an activist.”

Junior Illiana Beltran was very eager to learn more about who Garcia was.

“From this event, I truly learned how Dr. Garcia did for the people who didn’t have much,” said Beltran. “I also learned how hard he worked to make a difference in our country.”

TAMU-CC has created a scholarship fund in memorial of Garcia, and it allows students to be recognized for their hard work and dedication that they put into their studies. By receiving the Garcia Scholarship Endowment Fund, it allows students to be able to afford attending TAMU-CC.

In memory of Garcia, TAMU-CC has dedicated the Dr. Hector P. Garcia Plaza and statue in which students can honor him by living by his motto, “Education is our freedom, and freedom should be everybody’s business.”