CAB hosts grocery bingo for students


Photography courtesy of Gabriella Ruiz/ISLAND WAVES – From right to left, Austin Montez, Diana Orive and Abigail Muschenheim from CAB help organize prizes.

On Thursday, Sept. 19, CAB (Campus Activities Board) held their first Grocery Bingo for the fall of 2019. They partnered with SVC (Student Volunteer Connection) who connect students with community service opportunities.

Grocery Bingo happens twice a semester to give students the chance to play bingo and win groceries.

One of CAB’s motivations as a group is to make students feel welcome and to ensure that they can have fun and get the chance to win necessities, such as groceries.

Director of CAB, Mia Gonzales, believes that students shouldn’t have to feel ashamed or “food embarrassed” about not having enough money for food. Everyone struggles at some point of their life, even when buying groceries. This event is an assistant to students who may need extra groceries or just want to go out, have fun and bring home something extra.

“Events like these distract students from the stress that college provides,” said Gonzales. “It allows students to get free goodies”.

Sophomore Yasminé Scott was thrilled to experience her first-time playing grocery bingo. She loved how surprisingly fun it was to be with students who were just as competitive as her to win.

“Although I didn’t get a winning card,” said Scott, “I still enjoyed participating because CAB made it very interactive in wanting to engage in winning.”

For more information, checkout CAB and SVC’s page on I-Engage for upcoming events.