Meet your new student government senators


At the beginning of the semester, nine students ran for different positions in the SGA. With no other students to contest the election, they were sworn in on Sept. 23 at 11:00 a.m. in the UC Rotunda. Your new student senators are as follows:

  • Rachel Brown, College of Education and Human Development

“I am a dedicated, understanding and collaborative student, as Senator of the Student Government Association, I will always contribute these attributes. … I hope to help bridge the communication gap between students and the university. I also hope to encourage my fellow peers to become more active in the student government and community to ensure they are being heard and understood by the university. … I’m excited to help with any problems (the students) may have.”

  • Torrey Lastice, First Year Students Senator

“I have participated in no leadership roles, but when there’s a task at hand, I can provide a level-headed, unbiased opinions, as well as logical ideas. I’m also willing to be open to the ideas of others. … I wanted to get real practice at leadership, and I felt like student government is the place for that.”

  • Cassidy Willman, College of Education and Human Development

“I am a first-year student so I have not been able to witness these issues, but I am excited to learn and am really interested in addressing these issues in the future. … I also was elected a leadership position in my high school band and helped students improve their marching skills. I have great leadership skills and I am really friendly and will relate well within the student body.”

  • Brittney Fricks, University College

“I am dedicated to solving problems and representing students in all causes. I would like to address the general communication barrier between the professors and students. … There is a general gray area in communicating and I would like to aid in making it easier for students and faculty alike to have a better experience.”

  • Andrew Leeton, College of Business

“I’ve always been super interested in government and politics. All throughout my elementary, middle school and high school I was actually part of the student council. In high school I served as class president. … I believe that we should promote our initiatives such as CASA and other tutorial programs that the university offers. Another thing that I would want to do especially for the College of Business is being their voice and representing their main concerns.”

  • Omar Diaz Moctezuma, College of Business


“I used to be in a leadership program called Explore Austin from the 6th to the 11th grade, made to teach leadership skills through outdoor activities. I would bring a strong sense of community and understanding as I try to listen and understand all sides of a conversation and come up with sensible solutions. …  One issue I would address is textbooks in the classroom. There are occasions where there are required books which aren’t in the bookstore and occasions where there is a change in required textbook not too far into the semester.”

  • Isabella Tolentino, College of Education and Human Development

“I was the captain of my communication group and was in charge of keeping the group on task and focused on a single goal. … I would like to address the students who feel that they are overwhelmed with trying to balance their social life with their academic life. … I would like to find ways to set up or strengthen programs that would help students have a more balanced and more positive college experience.”

  • Brenden Gilbreath, First Year Students Senator.

“I had the honor of being my class president for the four years of high school, as well as being the president of our school’s student council. … I believe my ability to encourage those around me and my knack for public speaking make me the best choice to become senator of the SGA. I would like to hear from my fellow students their complaints that can be addressed. I will also address the process behind financial aid awards and approach those in charge about simplifying it.”

  • Pilar Harkless, College of Science and Engineering

“I’ve held leadership roles as VP of the Young Adults Group at Hope Lutheran Church, youth minister at Harvest Time Church and board member of the Harris County Healthcare for the Homeless. … I spoke at a national conference, The State of Black Health 2018, as a representative of TAMU-CC. I am currently a teacher with the Corpus Christi Literacy Council. I would like to address five main issues. One, I would like to see more tutors available in CASA, or SI instructors, for upper level science classes. … Two, more research opportunities and the ability to create publishable papers… Three, more help or organization of the resources available to move students forward after graduation. … Four, knowledge is power so I would like to get a regular space in the newspaper where we let all students know exactly what the SGA is accomplishing for them. … Five, a lot of students don’t have the time or desire to serve long term, but they might want to help out with a particular cause. Create a program. … Where students could assist. Reward them with having pictures of them serving being posted.”