Senator’s meeting recap: Sept. 9, 2019


On Sept. 23, SGA met for their weekly senate meeting. They discussed the recent fees hearing on Sept. 23, a potential townhall meeting and a new senate bill.

The meeting began with a report on the athletic fee meeting.

“They will be seeking the 5%,” said Speaker Morell Jenkins, “which monetarily will look like $1.13 increase per semester credit hour. Meaning that per semester credit hour, a student will be paying $26.25. This fee will not go into effect if approved until fiscal year 21, which in our terms will be the fall of 2020.

“… There was also discussion of college of business online program fees, international program fees, health services fee, which we’ve heard about, and something called the higher education price index.”

Through unanimous consent, the senate then created an ad hoc committee to craft legislation involving the athletic fee.

President Sarina Garcia began her report by swearing in the senators who could not make it to the swearing in ceremony earlier that day. She continued by reporting on a lunch that members of the executive board were able to have with TAMU-CC’s presidential cabinet. During the meeting, they spoke of new campus policies including plans to roll out an autonomous transport vehicle in the spring made by the Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority.

Garcia also spoke about housing issues, expanding different buildings and getting more food options on campus. Garcia then gave a recap on the SGA retreat, urging members who were not able to go to look at the retreat PowerPoint.

Garcia, Vice President Brittney Held and Jenkins will meet with Jon Palumbo on Friday, Sept. 27, to further discuss the fee increase from athletics. She requested that any questions be forwarded to her so they may have all the answers they need.

Garcia then proposed to the senate the possibility of assisting Island Waves with a townhall with the goal of educating students and providing an open discussion with the public pertaining to the current Island Waves series “Caught in the Crossfire.” Although no vote was taken during the meeting to move forward with it, when asked if there was anyone immediately against the idea, no one raised any objections.

“I don’t want to move forward with anything until I know this is something the group would want to do and sort of help take part in,” said Garcia, “because I was planning on this serving as our townhall for the semester, as well.”

Held reported on a meeting with the Coalition of Substance Abuse, discussing the number of incidents they have had. They only reported 24 alcohol related instances and three substance related incidents, which is less than what is common for this time of year. There was also discussion on the new Texas law raising the age necessary to possess and use tobacco and vaping product from 18 to 21.

The First Year Council will be focusing on recruiting and marketing this semester to help increase their members. The FYC would market using tables, flyers, sidewalk chalk and word of mouth.

Senator Hannah Smyers gave a report on athletics. Smyers met with Palumbo on Sept. 6 and expressed their desire to see non-athlete students participating in more sporting events.

Dr. Don Albrecht informed the SGA that the Health Center has seen the flu in the area. Walgreens will be coming to the campus to give flu shots.

Dr. Lisa Perez reported on the first Fresh Food Friday that was on Sept. 20. 176 students were served fresh fruit and pastries in the first 26 minutes of the event. The next Fresh Food Friday will be on Oct. 18 in the UC.

The senate consented unanimously to pass senate bill 29-2, the redistribution of the Responsibility of Diversity Act. The bill dissolved the Diversity Committee, redistributing its responsibility to other existing committees.

During the open forum, Alan Garduno, the chair of Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE,) informed the SGA of their plans for a coding competition. They proposed the concept so they may have a common area to coordinate between organizations.

Dr. Perez announced that this week is Hazing Prevention Week. Fraternity and sorority life will have a table in the breezeway as well as a social media challenge on Sept. 26.

Senator Phebe Leach announced an open house on Sept. 26 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. during Banned Books Week. The event is free and open to the public.

Alpha Gamma Delta will be holding a pasta jam on Saturday, Sept. 28, in which proceeds from the tickets sold will be given to the food bank. Tickets are $5 five dollars.

Along with these reports, it was announced in the agenda that the State of the University will be held on Oct. 2.