Juggling duo gives TAMU-CC audience a “SMIRK”


Jonathan Garcia

Photos by Jonathan Garcia/Island Waves-Juggling duo Reid Belstock (left) juggles a set of clubs with Warren Hammond while having friendly banter in their show “SMIRK.”

Juggling duo Reid Belstock and Warren Hammond bring their 90-minute show “SMIRK” to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s Performing Arts Center.

Kicking off the Furgason BRAVO! Series on Saturday, Sept. 28, audiences were greeted to an afternoon filled with comedy, hijinks, laughter and of course, cool juggling tricks. Families gathered to see Belstock and Hammond give them a show they would never forget.

Often compared to Abbott and Costello, Hammond is the straight man, who is extremely intelligent as a former scientist, whereas Belstock plays the goofball who just wants to have fun and gets involved in a lot of slapstick.

What makes “SMIRK” unique from other comedies is the dynamic Belstock and Warren have throughout the show, which involves two different personalities attempting to perform together and create a story.

One part sees Hammond giving the audience a math lesson, while Belstock is eating a bag of microwavable popcorn and offering it to some children in the audience. This adds a more immersive experience as they make sure that their audience is involved in the show.

Audiences were treated to a display of impressive tricks involving juggling with clubs, balancing spinning tops on their heads, a bull-whip named “Sally” and antics involving a giant rocket launcher.

Kris Tovar (center) anxiously awaits instructions on what to do next from Reid Belstock and Warren Hammond for their final act.

Throughout the show, we see their friendship put to the test as Hammond and Belstock compete with each other to see who can put on a better act. After a sudden death match, they start to realize that they work great together and put on a spectacular grand finale.

For the grand finale, Belstock and Hammond call upon audience member Kris Tovar to aid them in their final trick involving Belstock on a unicycle and Hammond balancing himself on a mini paddleboard.

“It was scary, very scary,” said Tovar on the finale which had her anxious on what might happen next for their trick. Tovar heard of the performance through Facebook and thought the show itself was “amazing.”

TAMU-CC alumni Jarett Ortmann was also in attendance and heard of the show from their friend and was blown away by the final act. “My favorite act was the last one where he was on the unicycle and juggling while the other was on the paddleboard,” Ortmann said.

Ortmann and his friends all had a nice afternoon watching a show that made the 90-minutes worth it. “It was a great show, very entertaining and there is something always going on,” stated Ortmann.

The Furgason BRAVO! Series continues with Las Cafeteras at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 19 in the Performing Arts Center as part of Hispanic Heritage Month.