I-CARE for your Self-Care


All photos courtesy of Gabriella Ruiz/ISLANDWAVES- (Left to right) Andrea Reyna and Bethany Brown enjoy decorating their self-care kit and other DIY items.

On Sept. 30, I-CARE and Student Conduct sponsored the Prepare for Self-Care event for students who needed to take a break from school. At this event, students were able to make a self-care box that had DIY (Do It Yourself) stress relief goodies. The goodies included a stress ball, DIY bath soak, bubbles, Play-Doh, coloring pages, and more. The bath soak had lavender, citrus, and mint smelling salts that are dissolvable in bath water to make a very stress-free relaxing item to add into your nightly routine. There were also little squishy colorful balls that absorb water and could be put into balloons to make your own DIY squeezable stress balls.

College tends to be stressful and with the idea of stress relief items, it allows the students to relax for a moment. By doing these techniques, students can practice improving their own self-care. I-CARE and Student Conduct’s mission is for students to feel less stress from the academic school year that they have already endured and will continue to endure for the rest of the year.

I-CARE Case Manager Molly Becker states that “Together we wanted to provide programming towards the earlier part of the semester,” said Becker.

She also addressed that students should be able to take time for themselves because school tends to get very busy and students don’t ever stop to rest. This event allowed students to relax and have some fun as they created DIY items to help deal with their stress.

Freshman Bethany Brown attended the Self-Care event to take her mind off the stress that she’s been experiencing with her schoolwork. By attending this event, she liked the idea and how it was an opportunity for the students here at TAMU-CC to have fun while finding an easy DIY outlet to help with the stress they may have. The fact that Brown was able to customize her items to her personality is what she enjoyed the most.

“I liked how they let you do it on your own at your own pace,” said Brown.

“They opened it up and it allowed you to meet new people and have fun conversations.”

All in all, the experiences and tools that TAMU-CC provides allows students to take time out of their hardworking schedule. This self-care event was beneficial, informative, and a great way to approach dealing with your stress in a fun creative way.