Chinese Learning Experience at TAMU-CC


All photos courtesy of Gabriella Ruiz – Students making Chinese crafts.

TAMU-CC has opportunities of teaching Islander students different foreign languages. In this case, a Chinese course has been here at TAMU-CC for about 8 years. No matter the knowledge students have of interpreting Chinese or any other language, they are able to start from the beginning and learn throughout the semester.

Students are able to take a fundamental course and learn the Chinese language. This course is broken down into listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students are able to listen to audio files and repeat it as they discuss different scenarios regarding what they just heard.

As students enter their classrooms, the first thing they do is greet the professor as they are walking in to have a seat. For a warm up, or as some might say an icebreaker, the students introduce themselves with their “Chinese names”. They acknowledge Chinese phrases to each other and by doing this, students are able to perform what they learned from their textbook into Chinese conversations with each other.

The ALLEX Foundation Instructor, Professor Tzu-Ying Tang, has the opportunity at TAMU-CC to teach her very first classroom full of students. Tang has been teaching for 5 years and this is her second month being here in Corpus Christi. Professor Tang has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature where she graduated at Soochow University in Taiwan. Before teaching a classroom filled with students, Tang would tutor and teach students the language of Chinese and English online.

“They are all beginners and we start the conversation first,” said Tang, “I let them to prepare and normally what they do is remember the dialogue.”

“What we do in the class is, we apply those dialogue in different situations and in different orders to make sure they can understand very well.”

Students greeting each other in Chinese language.

Professor Tang happens to teach in Pinyin. Pinyin is the Romanized spelling into translating the Chinese language. By using this system it allows for students to have a better understanding of speaking and writing about the Chinese language.

Sophomore Lucero Leon was very interested in learning about the Chinese language that came along with all the aspects to it.

“I really enjoy the course,” said Leon, “It’s challenging but Professor Tang makes it fun and tries to immerse us into the Chinese culture.”

Overall, students have the ability to be able to learn Chinese as their foreign language here at TAMU-CC. The opportunity to do this creates a different point of view of a new culture that they can compare to their own. Professor Tang being here at TAMU-CC has created an enjoyable learning experience for students eager to learn the Chinese language and culture!