Director Jon Palumbo announces plans for new campus arena

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Director Jon Palumbo announces plans for new campus arena

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Following the fees hearing in Sept., Athletics Director Jon Palumbo presented to the SGA what the new proposed athletics fee would go to. The fee would increase tuition by $1.13 per semester credit hour.

“The entirety of that amount would be dedicated towards contributing to an on-campus arena and convocation center,” said Palumbo, “which would be the home for our men and women’s basketball programs as well as volleyball for competition. … It would also provide a meeting space and space for some larger events such as convocation and some other campus events, space for student engagement activities such as concerts, E-gaming competitions.”

The tentative plan is to place the building near the Momentum Campus. The construction of the new building would allow space to be cleared in the Dugan Wellness Center.

“It’s a major project, the scope of which in terms of athletics has never been seen on this campus. …” continued Palumbo, “I truly believe that the student body would benefit greatly in terms of campus spirit and access to campus sporting events.”

The timeline regarding the construction of the new building has not been officially established. However, the university does already have a concept of how the finished building will look.

After Palumbo’s presentation, SGA President Sarina Garcia appointed two new associate justices, Pedro Lopez and William Whitworth. The senate consented unanimously to their appointment. After the voting, the members of the Ad Hoc Committee departed for a meeting.

Garcia and Vice President Brittney Held continued to gather information on the Swipe Out Hunger Program through a phone conference with representatives from the program. “Right now we are still very much in the ‘what would this look like on campus’ sort of stage,” said Garcia.

Dr. Lisa Perez brought to the senate’s attention the presence of EVO bins in the UC Rotunda, in partnership with the Islander Green Team. At the moment, the bins are not ready for use. Perez also announced that the mural unveiled on Sept. 27 will be hung on the east side of the UC. The SGA will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the UC on Oct. 15.

The agenda also had announcements for the State of the University on Oct. 2, Zelda Chacon speaking in the senate on Oct. 7 and Dr. Amy Aldridge Sanford speaking in the senate on Oct. 28.