Zelda Chacon speaks about Health Center fee increase

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Zelda Chacon speaks about Health Center fee increase

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The SGA met for their weekly senate meeting on Oct. 7, during which Zelda Chacon, the TAMU-CC University Health Center Director, spoke about their proposed fee increase following the fees hearing back in Sept. Just like the rest of the fee increases, It will not go into effect until the fall of 2020, if approved.

Chacon spoke about the Health Center and why it is important. “Our purpose on campus,” said Chacon, “is to make sure you are well enough to get to campus or if there’s anything that you need that we are able to provide to you. … We treat minor injuries, we do preventive healthcare so that includes things like immunizations and other things. …” The University Health Center also has an Ask a Nurse Line for after-hours questions. The University Health Center previously had a pharmacy, however when the pharmacist passed away, the university was unable to find a cost-effective way to maintain the pharmacy without the deals the previous pharmacist gave.

With the fee increase, the University Health Center hopes to meet the increased demand for healthcare on campus and see more students each day. The University Health Center would add more staff and increase educational programming. “We propose we increase $5.05 each semester. … this would only apply to fall and spring, not summer.” said Chacon. The fee increase would help with meeting competitive salaries and also to meet their growing expenses.

Speaker Morell Jenkins spoke about legislative ideas such as gluten free food options on campus and a blackboard grading requirement for professors to input all grades into the blackboard system. Jenkins then reminded the members of the executive board that they will be meeting with the Master Planning firm the week following the meeting.

President Sarina Garcia announced that applications for the position of Vice President will open up soon as current Vice President Brittney Held will be graduating in Dec. Applicants must meet a GPA requirement and have been a part of SGA for six months. Garcia also spoke about the vaping ban on campus that went into effect on Friday. “From what I last heard,” said Garcia “the student conduct board is still reviewing the code of conduct and how that will be implemented on our campus.”

“The fines and penalties for breaking this rule are still sort of out there because the vaping part of it is for all the campus, not just the students.” Said Dr. Don Albrecht.

Garcia continued, talking about the State of the University event previously held on Oct. 2. The university received many recognitions, including number one ranked college by the sea by bestcollegereviews.com.

Garcia received an email from the President of the E-Sports club, Joshua Hart, who is seeking assistance with getting the club a more permanent space on campus. Because there is no dedicated space with gaming computers, club members have been bringing their equipment back and forth each week. “Their ideal goal right now would be to have just some sort of gaming computers in Breakers that would be open to everybody but they have a reserved time for like an hour once a week.”

The Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee is working on negotiations to change their policy regarding the purchasing of insurance. As it stands, some students, especially international students, graduate with insurance that they cannot use once they return to their home country.

Held announced that applications for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and Texas A&M System Regent are now open. Applicants must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA and must be enrolled form June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021. Applications are due in the UC 215, 5:00 p.m. on Nov. 8.

The SGA reported that they continue to gather support for the Swipe Out Hunger program, allowing students to donate unused credits to students in need. The SGA website has also now been updated to reflect the newly elected senators and appointed justices.

Dr. Albrecht mentioned in his report that although no decisions have been made, there is a trend to ban smoking entirely on campuses around the country. The President will host town hall meetings regarding this topic. Dr. Lisa Perez also reported that the Coastal Bend Food Bank is looking for individuals to participate in an event on Nov. 9 called Miles for Meals where individuals will walk 5 kilometers. All proceeds will go to their backpack program.

The TAMU-CC branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers came before the SGA again this week for a common area for STEM organizations to collaborate together and share information. Albrecht suggested to them that they get the backing of their dean for the Master Planning firm meeting the following week.

In the agenda for the Oct. 7 meeting the SGA also announced that Dr. Amy Aldridge Sanford will speak in the Senate on Oct. 28 and that there will be a town hall on Oct. 30