Beauty queens unite for an afternoon of empowerment


Gabriella Ruiz/ISLAND WAVES- The girls set the stage to perform the Fashion Show.

Queen Beauty Club is a newly found interest group on campus that held their fall retreat on Oct. 12 in UC ballroom.

The afternoon was filled with board games, karaoke, fashion, and laugher. Students danced and sang to old kick-back tunes from artists like Usher and Fergie. Once the “Cha-Cha Slide” blasted through the speakers, everyone jumped from their seats, and onto the stage for the group dance off.

“Our organization is meant to uplift other students through our common interests of beauty and fashion, really focus our energy on uplifting each other,” says President and founder Faith Richards. “It allows for people to get together, have fun, and build lifelong friendships.”

The original founders of the Queen Beauty club, Faith Richards, Deja Jackson, and Myra Davis focus on empowering, encouraging, and educating its members. The organization is dedicated to helping its students “build confidence, leadership skills, and self-expression through beauty and fashion,” as it states on their welcoming packet. They strive to build an organization where students can “make friends and connections with people of similar interests to them and be able to express themselves while also learning about beauty.”

“Of course empowering through confidence, and self-expression is important, but we also want to educate students on self-care, self-love, awareness on domestic violence, all those types of issues that are really prevalent in our society, just creating a welcoming environment,” says Richards.

Aside from empowering and bringing people together, this year the club wants to focus on providing goodie bags for other students on campus. The bags would include items like deodorant, toothpaste, female hygiene products, and other self-care pieces that they would give out monthly to students in need.

On Saturday Oct. 19, the club is encouraging Islanders to attend a Chipotle fundraiser at 4938 S Staples St Ste E1. Students would need to provide a Queen Beauty Club flyer or simply tell the cashier you’re with or supporting the club, then 33 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Queen Beauty. In doing so, you could help with costs for the monthly self-care goodie bags.

For anyone who wishes to join, applications and contact information is posted on the TAMU-CC I-Engage page. Their next scheduled meeting is to take place in the University Center- Cayo room 210, Wednesday Oct. 23.