SGA Meeting Recap 10/14


With the semester already in the latter half of the term, the SGA continues to meet weekly. During the meeting speaker Morell Jenkins spoke about senator office hours and how some members of SGA have not logged even one office hour. “I know that everyone has been struggling to meet those office hours,” said Jenkins. “There is a considerable amount of us here who are not meeting those office hour requirements. When I say considerable, I mean there are people with zero office hours.”

Following the call to action, Jenkins gave recognition to Student Veterans Senator Breanna Cornell. Cornell has been working hard alongside members of the executive board to work on new legislation.

Jenkins also spoke about a Chancellors Students Advisors Council (CSAC) meeting that occurred back during the first week of the semester. CSAC spoke about advisor relations while also bringing up new ideas for working in different committees as well as after-hours food locations on campus while also talking about ways to get more people involved in the SGA. Lastly during the meeting there was discussion over live mascots.

President Sarina Garcia appointed a new Housing Senator, McKenzie Mclendon, a first-year theater major. The senate unanimously consented to her appointment. Mclendon plans to include more bike racks around the housing areas as well as add more keypad entrances and lighting around the buildings.

Garcia also reported that members of the executive board met with the Master Planning Group, discussing things previously brought up in the SGA. Garcia announced that applications for the Annual Conference on Student Government Associations has opened. She urged members of the SGA to apply, as four members will be going to represent the TAMU-CC SGA.

Treasurer Clayton Swift proposed to the SGA an increase in the budget to buy graduation stoles for members of the SGA who have reached a certain threshold of involvement hours. Swift asked the senate to approve a $550.80 budget for the stoles. The senate consented unanimously to approve the budget.

Swift also reported on budget spending, reporting that the SGA has spent $32.52 on utilities, $8 on petty cash, $24.96 on SGA Retreat snacks and $30 on the swearing in ceremony stage. This leaves them with $16,426.52.

The College of Education and Human Development senator report talked about a meeting they had with Dr. David Scott where they spoke about recommending prerequisites for some classes that may not require certain knowledge, but would become easier if students had taken these classes previously. They also spoke about creating more events for students of the College of Education and Human Development.

The Ad Hoc Committee spoke about their meeting and how they discussed the pros of the athletics fee increase such as increase in school spirit, and cons such as the raise in tuition that would result.

The Spirit and Traditions Committee met as well reporting that they talked about the spring homecoming as well as the Islander Invasion event occurring on Oct. 22 at 6:00 p.m.

Senator Pilar Harkless reported on the Public Relations Committee meeting report. She spoke about assigning each individual platform for social media to an individual in the committee. They also spoke about upcoming events such as Student Affairs Committee meeting.

The Calendar Committee asked for input on the potential for finals to be all done on a single week, Monday through Friday. Historically, the decision to split the current finals schedule between two weeks was to ensure time for students to use the weekend.

Dr. Lisa Perez reminded members of the SGA about a student organization event proposal survey on I-Engage to help incentivize new ideas on how to engage students on campus. Perez is also still looking for volunteers for the next Fresh Friday event.

During open forum, Garcia spoke to members of the SGA about a freedom walk on Oct. 16, encouraging members to participate. Chief Justice Stormy Gutierrez also announced that applications for cords and stoles for graduation are already open.

In the announcements it was stated that Dr. Amy Aldridge Sanford would be speaking in the senate on Oct. 28. Jenkins ended the meeting by urging members to take care of themselves as the semester picks up.