Welcome the Art Museum’s Newest Director Sara Morgan


Gabriella Ruiz/ISLAND WAVES – The community of Corpus Christi acknowledging each other about Sara Morgan.

On Oct. 15, the Art Museum of South Texas held a reception to congratulate their finalist for the position of Director of the Museum. With a total of 28 applicants, Sara Morgan met the requirements and gave it her all for this position.

Sara Morgan posing near the Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Stop Motion Animation Puppet Armature and Replacement Animation.

For those who don’t know, Sara Morgan worked at TAMU-CC as a Stewardship Coordinator for about 4 years. Morgan has a degree in Art History from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She also has experience from previous art galleries and museum exhibits. Here at the Art Museum, Morgan had the opportunity to work as an Assistant Director and Interim Director. With her experience she was able to qualify for this new role.

The community of Corpus Christi gathered at the Museum to honor Sara Morgan for her accomplishment. The Search Committee offered the reception a cash bar and appetizers for guests to enjoy themselves. The room was filled with people who had supported Morgan throughout her journey and are ecstatic that she is to be the director of this Art Museum.

Sara Morgan was thrilled to be able to have this opportunity to work at this particular Art Museum that she adores. She is able to share her art passion with others who attend and are inspired by the Art Museum of South Texas.

“I’ve loved this Art Museum since I was about 13 years old,” said Morgan. “I had moved away and been to 100 other art museums but I moved back here and had the opportunity to become the Assistant Director. …When the director position opened up I was just thrilled to be back in this museum that I love.”

As the Director of the Art Museum of South Texas, Morgan is able to provide the qualities it takes to be the director.

“The love of the arts and the desire to promote the arts in the community and the ability to promote the education of art,” said Morgan. “I would like to increase community interest with innovative exhibitions and programming, make the Museum a major South Texas attraction, and build our reputation in Texas as a progressive art institution.”

Sophomore Ricardo Mendoza from TAMU-CC had attended this event because he was intrigued with the art that was presented.

“The setting of the museum is practical since it is at the heart of the city,” said Mendoza. “Seeing the director share her passion with others during the event was very inspiring to me.”

Overall everyone was very inspired and excited for Sara Morgan being awarded this position. Definitely go check out the Art Museum of South Texas and support all the artists while checking out to see how Sara Morgan brings in a fresh new approach to the museum.