CAB Presents Scream on the Green


Gabriella Ruiz/ISLAND WAVES – Students getting their snacks and preparing to get comfortable to watch the movie.

On Oct. 17, CAB (Campus Activities Board), presented “Scream on the Green” in which they played a Halloween special for the students of TAMU-CC, Annabelle Comes Home.

Due to unexpected rain, CAB decided to host the movie inside the University Center for the convenience of the students. The students were provided snacks such as popcorn, candy and caramel apples. The room was decorated with spooky Halloween decorations to set the theme of “Scream on the Green.” The whole room was starting to fill with students in their pajamas and the blankets they had brought with them.

Before the movie premiered, the members of CAB played a video of last year’s House of Horrors. During Annabelle Comes Home, students were laughing, screaming and giving commentary as they intriguingly watched Annabelle on the big screen. For this year, CAB is planning to have the House of Horrors on the 24th and 25th which is a Thursday and Friday this following week from 7-10 pm.

Annabelle Comes Home being shown on the big screen.

According to Director of CAB, Mia Gonzales, “Last years Haunted House was super successful,” said Gonzales. “We had a lot of positive feedback and quite a few people attended.”

CAB presents “Screen on the Green” every year in the month of October as they show Halloween related movies. Last year CAB had presented Hocus Pocus. The audience feedback from last year’s event suggested that this year’s movie should be a bit scarier. With the help from students’ feedback, the CAB student organization was able to find a movie that was scary but also appropriate enough for the majority of students who attend. With that being said, this year 75 students attended “Scream on the Green” as compared to only 42 people last year.

Freshman, Natalia Carter, attended this movie night in which she really enjoyed and said what she liked about the movie. “I enjoyed the movie because I like supernatural films,” said Carter. “My favorite part was the end when they were trying to shut Annabelle back in her box. …I screamed at the scenes where the girls were trying to retrieve Annabella from the spirits.”

Overall this event was very successful for TAMU-CC students to have a night where they can relax and enjoy themselves.  For more information, stay tuned on I-Engage for more upcoming public events that CAB has to offer. Also check out their Instagram page as they post any updates regarding their House of Horrors.