New pop-up relaxation station offers a slice of what students can expect


Matthew Tamez/ISLAND WAVES - The pop-up relaxation center offers coloring and aromatherapy.

Students who have visited the library recently may have noticed a small tent set up near the microfilm cabinets during midterms week. The Student Counseling Center has teamed up with the Bell Library to open up a smaller version of the relaxation center that the Student Counseling Center has in their building.

“The Counseling Center actually does have a relaxation center already in place,” said Patricia Hernandez, the Student Success Librarian, “so this is kind of an effort to partner with them to one, expose the fact that they offer this service during the semester that students to take advantage of. … We selected midterms week specifically because we feel that is an underserved week.“

Although the pop-up relaxation station is open for only a limited time, the larger relaxation room in the Student Counseling Center is open all semester.

The much larger relaxation room is located at the Student Counseling Center.

The Student Counseling Center relaxation station is free to use for TAMU-CC students, however students wishing to use the larger room will need to call ahead and reserve it for half-hour periods. “Often times the only students that know about (the relaxation room) are those who come to the counseling center. … We have a lot of students using our services,” said Claudia Ayala, the Assistant Director of the Student Counseling Center, “but we also meet students, and sometimes they’re juniors or seniors, and they’re like ‘oh, I didn’t know there was a counseling center. …”

The pop-up relaxation room offers aromatherapy, coloring meditation, information on Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) and information for the Student Counseling center. The larger relaxation room in the Student Counseling Center has much more to offer as well including a massage chair, a yoga mat, a computer for accessing TAO, self-help books, coloring sheets, time management sheets and music and ambient sound options. The relaxation room also provides users with biofeedback so they may see what effects their relaxation methods are having on their breath rate and heart rate.

The library opened up a small relaxation center near the microfilm cabinets.

With events like Links Across Campus, the Student Counseling Center has also been trying to destigmatize seeking help for mental health. “I do think we are seeing improvements, but there is still a lot more work to be done,” said Ayala.

Students who are even in the slightest bit curious about what the Student Counseling Center offers should take a look at what they provide, especially with the semester entering its final half.