Photo(s) courtesy of Netflix – Paul Rudd’s Miles must learn to share a life with himself after an incident that ends with a better clone of himself walking around.
Photo(s) courtesy of Netflix – Paul Rudd’s Miles must learn to share a life with himself after an incident that ends with a better clone of himself walking around.

“Living with Yourself” is a funny, yet at times heavy TV series

October 29, 2019

“Living with Yourself” is a Netflix produced comedy-drama that explores the concept of revitalizing a dead-end life once again. However, this time there is a twist. The show was created by Timothy Greenberg and stars Paul Rudd as the lead characters. It released its entire eight episode first season on Netflix on Oct. 28.

Miles Elliot is leading a dead-end life. Where once he was great at his marketing job, he is now mediocre, his marriage with his wife Kate (Aisling Bea) is heavily strained and each day is as seemingly awful as the last. Everything takes a turn for the better though when his co-worker Dan (Desmin Borges) tells him of a spa that changed Dan’s own life. Desperate for results, Miles spends the requisite $50,000 for treatment and is put to sleep for his treatment. Upon waking, Miles finds everything instantly better. The sky is beautiful, the air feels amazing and life is worth living. His new charisma allows him to become better at his job and he begins to mend things with his wife. But when a copy of Miles who acts just as upset with life as before claws his way out of a shallow grave and returns home, Miles and Miles will need to find out what exactly happened at the spa and how they could possibly share a single life.

Paul Rudd’s Miles finds a double of himself the night after his spa treatment.

Paul Rudd’s acting talent is on full display in this darkly hilarious new Netflix show. He is perfectly capable of playing both the charismatic version of Miles and the angry and bitter version of Miles. The comedy is not as overt as other comedies on Netflix, however when the show does start dropping its jokes, they are hilarious. The conflict between the two versions of Miles is tense and funny at the same time, as one Miles acts like Miles before the spa and the other is one that is better than him in every way.

The show is not without its faults though. One of the bigger problems it has is pacing. Almost half of the episodes end on cliffhangers that don’t pay off for another two episodes. The structure of the show has it so that the episodes alternated between the perspectives of the two versions of Miles. Sometimes the episode will end at the exact point the previous episode ended, sometimes it will show a little bit more to advance the plot. However, because of this retreading of story threads, the plot can at times feel sluggish. This is somewhat offset by the runtime being approximately a half hour per episode. This allows those who do not have the time to binge or watch hour length shows on Netflix the time to watch it during their day.

“Living with Yourself” is certainly a fun story with its share of flaws, but overall it is a solid show that uses the acting prowess of Paul Rudd to its fullest potential.

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