Pascal Lorieul plays hard for the love of the game


Photo courtesy of Islander Athletics/TAMU-CC - Freshman Pascal Lorieul was a highly recruited tennis prospect from France. Lorieul signed a letter of intent with the Islanders last spring.

At the age of four, TAMU-CC tennis player Pascal Lorieul started his journey of what would be an incredible tennis career. Through his hard work, determination and sacrifice, the top-40 French junior has made a name for himself not only in France, but in the United States as well.

“When I was 4, I watched the French open for the first time on TV,” said Lorieul, “and I had directly a lightning strike for this sport, if we can say it like that. Two days later, I bought my first racquet and I started playing tennis in my town club.”

The 2019-star grew up in Cormeilles-en-Parisis, France, a town of 25,000 located north of Paris. At a young age Lorieul took a liking to the tennis scene, looking up to legendary professional tennis players such as Gaël Monfils and Rafael Nadal. He began his road to success later in his childhood, earning invites to championship tournaments throughout France. This led to what would be one of his greatest memories while participating in the sport.

“One of my best memories in tennis is for sure the France Championship 2013,” said Lorieul. “I was 12 and it was the first time I played a team competition. My teammate was my best friend, and it’s still the case. We were not favorite, but we fought so hard that we finished 2nd in the competition. It’s my most memorable experience so far because I shared it with an important person, and we did our best results in a great competition.

He became intrigued with the sport of tennis playing for club teams such as CSM Eaubonne, where he became remarkable. Lorieul soon gained popularity and interest from college coaches and scouts such as TAMU-CC Director of tennis, Steve Moore.

“Pascal is one the top-40 juniors in France,” said Moore. “Has a -2/6 French ranking, which is strong for a collegiate tennis player. But what impressed us the most was that Pascal made it clear to us that he wanted to be on a true team that was like a family and committed to hard work and discipline. Pascal has had some impressive results and we think he can be a great player with hard work. We are very excited he is joining our team.”

The French player has lived up to his hype with key wins early on in the fall tennis season. Lorieul’s results include a big recent win against former top-20 ranked college player Alexis Klegou. He was recruited by several power-five programs before ultimately signing with the Islanders.

“In France, an agency contacted me to go to the USA,” said Lorieul. “… It was also my wish to be able to improve my English, play tennis and continue my studies, which is impossible in France. My conditions were to have a strong tennis project, the studies I want to pursue would be biomedical sciences and good living conditions. So I choose Texas A&M-Corpus Christi for all these reasons.”

Lorieul considers his university studies a top priority at TAMU-CC, with hopes of becoming a veterinarian down the road. Here he believes he would make the most out of a college degree as TAMU-CC provides top tier education in the field of biomedical science.

“After college, I would like to try to be a professional player on the ATP circuit,” said Lorieul. “If not, I would like to continue my studies to become a veterinarian.”

The freshman’s goals for this year’s tennis season is to not only win, but to overall grow as an individual. This year will mark the young tennis star’s first ever exposure into collegiate competition, competing against some of the best players the Southland Conference has to offer.

“For this season, I want to be on the line up to play in Spring,” said Lorieul, “and be champions of our conference and to go to the nationals. Then, we’ll see there. The most important thing will be to fight, cheer for each other and have a great team spirit. We are actually working hard for that. Personally, my goals are to improve as a player and as a man.”

Lorieul looks to extend his successful tennis career here at TAMU-CC. He’s already got a great, early start.