SGA meeting recap: 10/28


The SGA held their meeting on Monday, Oct. 28 to make up for the cancellation last week, during which Dr. Amy Aldridge-Sanford, Associate Provost, discussed the proposal for an International Student program fee.

“What we are proposing is a program fee. …what that takes care of is all the immigration work that we do which is time consuming,” said Aldridge-Sanford.

Aldridge added that there was a big decrease of international student enrollment in the U.S., which is about 16% in the last three years. But Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi hasn’t had that problem due to the international student population being happy here because of all the programs and field trips just for this group, according to Aldridge-Sanford.

The fee will be $85 this semester that will help pay for the event starting this semester. Speaker of the Student Senate Morell Jenkins stated the reason he brought Aldridge-Sanford to discuss this is because SGA stands for the students as a whole, including international students, and to let people know about the importance of it.

President Sarina Garcia wasn’t able to attend but left her report. Speaker Jenkins informed the SGA about volunteering for Caught in the Crossfire forum from noon to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct 30 in Anchor Ballroom C in the University Center, and making sure that they are just moderating and not choosing political sides. Jenkins then let the senate know to run for Student Regent and THECB applications and make sure that they fill them out in time.

Vice President Brittney Held reported that the Rec Sports and Athletics are looking into having a Varsity team for the E-Sports Club. Held stated that there needs to be a name throughout campus, but the need for space was communicated through the master planners. She concluded that COSGA applications are due Thursday, Nov. 14 on I-Engage. It is a great way for students to get to hear from other SGA members and apply it here at TAMU-CC.

Treasurer Clayton Swift asked for $3,275.96 for the COSGA budget to send students to the event coming from the travel expense pool. This would include taking advisor Dr. Lisa Perez and four other individuals to COSGA in Houston, TX which the report was passed. Swift also added that the Special Funding Committee had met on Wednesday, Oct. 23. They approved a total of $1,900 between the History Club and the Vietnamese Student-Association.

Chief Justice Stormie Gutierrez reported on three different weeks of parking appeals reports, including last week’s due to the meeting being cancelled. Parking appeals from last week was $25 and two appeals were approved. One appeal this week was denied due to the upheld decision from the previous week in which Gutierrez added that you can appeal up to three times. Monday, Oct. 21, they had four to nine and five appeals approved, Gutierrez reminded that if you were in SGA for two semesters and graduating, they would be eligible for a cord or stool from J-Court and will be accepting applications by Nov. 18.

New order of business was the S.B. 29-3 Athletic Fee Increase Act. Before they discussed the topic, speaker Jenkins advised to bring the comments to him and not at Disability Services Senator Jacquelyn Lara regarding disagreements. The Athletic Fee increase will go towards a new arena that will house sporting events, concerts and other student events. It will go towards students attending TAMU-CC in Fall 2020, and Lara explains the advantages. “The presence of this arena could hold potential for an increase in game attendance and school spirit, as well as be cheaper for the school to rent for these events,” stated Lara. If approved, the Athletic committee cannot request another increase till 2025-2026 academic year to coincide with the construction of the arena.

A motion was then carried to be open for a discussion which Senator Louis Adam Chavez brought up a student who wanted to see a rough idea of what the arena would look like, which Speaker Jenkins stated that great things take time and have faith in the designers. Student Veterans Senator Brenna Cornell raised concerns that a new arena wouldn’t really matter or raise any school spirit being vocally against the bill, while Chavez argued that it would be good for students as they get excited for the new arena. The bill was then passed 15-6, with 15 being for the proposed bill and 6 against.

The committee then opened the floor to Open Forum which Panhellenic Council Vice President of Philanthropy Bailey Felts reminded everyone about the Dance Marathon taking place at 5-9 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 8 in the Lonestar Ballroom benefitting Driscoll’s Children’s Hospital. Felts added that the week leading up they will be taking donations and events such as Pie an Advisor, water balloons and Pumpkin Smashing. Advisor Perez brought Felts to the open forum to help shine TAMU-CC in a good light and show off the great things these organizations are known for.

Senior computer science major Nicolas Tamez spoke to Senator Leach about bringing calculator rentals to the library. “I met with the circulation desk and other students who can attest to other details,” said Tamez, “I came here to opening that matter before the SGA to seek any assistance into putting that support to the university.” Speaker Jenkins pointed out that he sees a lot of nodding among the senate and said that researching the matter will count as office hours. Senator Leach also spoke to the Dean of the Library and stated that they’ll allow a checkout of 1 to 3 days for these calculators and are looking into the costs alongside a replacement plan. Leach also encouraged others to look into this with CASA who also lends out calculators to hone in the point of having them in the library.

FYC Director Myers announced that on Monday, Nov. 4, FYC will be hosting a Safety Walk and open to SGA Members counting as office hours immediately after the meeting. Speaker Jenkins said that the meeting on Nov. 25 voted to not have a meeting due to Thanksgiving as well as Dec. 2 due to finals. This means the SGA will be meeting Nov. 4, 11, 18 and advised to finish any projects before the last meeting.