Can you escape the Islander Escape Room?


Gabriella Ruiz/ISLAND WAVES – From right to left, Gracyn Scholz and Raya Wright pose for a picture.

On Wednesday Oct. 30, UCP (University Center Programs) and I-TEAM collaborated together to host Islanders Escape Room: MythBusters. This event was intended to give students the ability to solve myths relating to drugs, alcohol and sexual awareness. With the weather conditions these organizations were in shock with how many students came to experience a night of fun.

Students started arriving to participate in teams as they received colored wristbands with a team name. While they waited for their time to experience the escape room, students were offered snacks such as pizza and soft pretzels. They were also given the opportunity to get involved in playing Kahoot and bean bag toss where they were asked questions related to drugs and alcohol in which they received a prize for answering them correctly.

The members of UCP and I-TEAM guided students through the explanation of what the escape room consisted of. As they entered the room the students were divided into two groups. These students experienced an outer space scenario involved with an astronaut and a medical room.

University Center Programs Coordinator, Alissa Ramirez, stated that these students have been successful in achieving their way into escaping. She also mentioned that this event became a great turn out with many students being brave enough to come through and participate despite the weather.

“Students have been hanging out, playing games, and mingling with each other,” said Ramirez, “This year is the first year where we really are full on with two different rooms and different things with that also assuming the MythBusters aspect to educate students with information that they might not know about healthy relationships, drug and alcohol use that students may not get from a regular escape room.”

Junior Daniel Gonzalez attended this event with no experience of what an escape room is like. He believed it was a great opportunity to try it out and since TAMU-CC offered this event for students he was able to enjoy the escape rooms.

“I really do hope it’s a good experience,” said Gonzalez, “Good memories come from good experiences but if I get scared, I get scared. …It’s one of the events that are happening this week for Halloween so I was able to dress up as Archie from Riverdale and I’m really glad I came.”

Overall the outcome of this event turned out to be a successful night in which students had the ability to go through an escape room with their friends. Make sure to check out UCP and I-TEAM on I-Engage for more upcoming events.