SGA senate meeting 11-04-19


On Nov. 4 the Student Government Association met for their weekly senate meeting. As part of the speaker’s report, Morell Jenkins reminded the members of the SGA about office hours and to stay up to date on them as the semester comes to a close. Jenkins then brought up incentive points and announced that at the end of the year they will give prizes to the top three members with the most incentive points. Jenkins went on to talk about the fall timeline. Following the Nov. 4 meeting, there will only be two more on Nov. 11 and Nov. 18. Jenkins told members that any legislation they wanted to present for the fall would need to be sent to Jenkins by Nov. 11 so it can be sent out and voted on. Jenkins gave a thank you to all the members of the SGA who would be graduating. Jenkins also announced the resignation of freshman Senator Torrey Lastice. Jenkins ended the report by reminding the senators about the secretary concern sheet if they were looking for ideas or things to tackle.

President Sarina Garcia proceeded to give an abridged version of a risk management training PowerPoint she had sent out right before the senate meeting. She spoke on the reason the training is necessary and spoke about risk management concepts and rules, alcohol and illegal drug use, hazing, safety issues and behaviors at parties and social events. Garcia told members that although she was telling them the abridged version, it would be mandatory to look at the full PowerPoint.

Treasurer Clayton Swift then gave an update on the budget, announcing that a total of $198.50 was spent on the recent Caught in the Crossfire town hall as well as an expense of $550.80 for an order of graduation stoles. The remaining budget is $15,677.22.

The college of nursing and health sciences senators gave a report, announcing that they had met twice with Dean Dr. Julie Anne Hoff and her associates. They spoke about Fresh Food Friday and spreading the word on that. They also spoke about the SGA’s plans for Swipe Out Hunger donations. Representatives from the Student Nursing Association also spoke about the lack of knowledge on furthering their nursing career and talked about implementing career paths and opportunities into classes that are already a part of the program.

Senator Pilar Harkless gave a report on the Public Relations Committee. She spoke about posting about vaping consequences and social media engagement. Harkless would like more pictures of SGA engagement on their social media to better engage with users. She is also looking for an artist who can make humorous comics about the student experience. She proposed that they could also have a tabling event to better engage with the students.

Dr. Lisa Perez announced in her report about an upcoming fundraiser for Driscoll Children’s Hospital called Pie a VIP. During the event, students will be able to donate money to be able to throw pies made of shaving cream.

Dr. Don Albrecht also congratulated the senate on passing the athletic fee bill. “Good job being thorough and deliberate,” said Albrecht.

Perez also gave congratulations to both Island Waves and SGA for putting together a successful town hall in regards to Caught in the Crossfire. Albrecht continued by saying that there are still plans to hold a town hall to talk about smoking and vaping.

In the announcements on the agenda for the Nov. 4 meeting there was a reminder for Islander Lights on Nov. 22.