5 potential Corpus Christi hauntings for the Halloween season


Matthew Tamez/ISLAND WAVES- The Galvan House at Heritage Park is host to a number of stories involving unexplained phenomena.

With the Halloween season now upon us, the murmurs of ghost stories and hauntings grow ever louder. There are many places in Corpus Christi that many have claimed are home to ghosts or spirits. Some are spoken about often, such as the haunting of the USS Lexington. There are some places, though, that get barely a whisper. Whether or not these hauntings may be real is up to the reader to decide. However, these are stories that have been told about these historic places.


  1. Wilson Plaza

Wilson Plaza has been in Corpus Christi since 1927. Back when it was first built, it was originally called the Nixon Building. There have been rumors that there is a sense of unease as though one is not alone in the building. Tenants have even reported seeing elevators stopping on random floors and doors moving of their own accord. Upon visiting the building, however, a custodian said that in their 30 years of working in the building, they have yet to see any supernatural phenomena.


  1. The Galvan House

Heritage Park is home to three supposed haunted locations. The Galvan House is a large building located towards the back of the park that currently houses Corpus Christi’s Cultural Center. There have been rumors of a ghost that haunts the second floor of the house, with some visitors even reporting that they can hear footsteps climbing the stairs to the attic.

Shelly Rios is the arts and cultural management assistant who currently works in the building.

“From day one, there were things that moved,” Rios said. “The shutters, no wind outside, and all of a sudden ‘boom,’ they would shut up against the window.” Rios has reported hearing voices from the hallway asking questions as well as finding stud earrings left on the desks of workers in the building.

“There was another time where me and my boss walked in and we thought there was a meeting going on in the front,” Rios continued. “It sounded like a full-blown meeting. …When we walked through, there was nobody around.”

One of the creepiest things Rios said was that one of the employees came into the building and found a stress doll sitting at the top of the stairs. The next day, they found the same doll, shredded to pieces.

“We could not make sense of it,” said Rios. “So, we just kind of gave it up to weird things happen in the house.”


  1. Heritage Hall

Not all supposed hauntings are as high profile as others. Some may just be as simple as a feeling or a glimpse of something out of the ordinary. Heritage Hall is one of the older buildings on the Del Mar East Campus.

“When Del Mar had its own night crew,” said Dr. Russ Long, a sociology professor in Heritage Hall, “… they were really uncomfortable working in Heritage Hall because they would hear things. They couldn’t really define what ‘things’ were, but something was going on that they didn’t like, and they refused to work there. I understand in room 237, I think it is, there was a professor awhile back that said he saw something fly across the room and out into the parking lot. …”


  1. Memorial Classroom Building, Room 222

Right next to Heritage Hall is the Memorial Classroom Building. Rumor has it that the custodial staff hears noises late at night in this building, as well. Reported noises include the sound of laughter, however, the source of the noises is never found. There has even been a rumor that a security guard heard noises from within the room and found that the furniture had been moved into a state of disarray.

  1. USS Lexington

No list of Corpus Christi haunts would ever be complete without the Blue Ghost itself. The name was given to the ship by its crew after it had gained a reputation by the Japanese as a ship that reappears after being reportedly sunk. The ship itself saw many battles during WWII. Many different stories are told of the sort of unnatural things that happen on that ship. Doors opening and closing have been reported, as well as cold spots, flickering lights and even apparitions. Any individual who has resided in Corpus Christi for a length of time has likely heard stories of the Blue Ghost.

Whether or not you believe any of these tales is entirely up to you in the end. However, talking and reading about these stories certainly tickles an inquisitive side of the mind.