New York pizza in Corpus Christi


Miguel Gutierrez/ISLAND WAVES – New York Pizza Co. employee preps dough for pizza.

New York pizza in Corpus Christi

If you’re looking for a great pizza, look no further than New York Pizza Co. restaurant, located on 5838 S Staples St., right here in Corpus Christi.

The man behind the business is Julian Ottino, owner and head chef for the establishment. Ottino, in fact, is not from New York, but from Africa originally. In the 2000’s, he moved to Italy and began training as a pastry chef, which took him over four years to master. This, combined with his six years of previous training in bread making, has helped him become a master of his trade.

“We’ve been living here for 15 years,” said Ottino. “We saw a bunch of opportunities years ago and decided to give it a try.” Ottino also owns the Land and Sea restaurant in town.

The pizza sold here is not just your regular pizza. “The New York style pizza has got a lot more involved in it,” said Ottino. “The dough is different, the sauce is different and the toppings are obviously different. We use a lot of toppings that we make ourselves, like the sausage we make and cook ourselves. Nothing is pre bought in this store or on the pizzas.”

The restaurant has also made some changes to its menu recently. “Everything on the menu sells,” said Ottino. “We’ve trimmed down the menu a lot in the last two years, taking off stuff and putting on stuff, so right now we are in a place where we can give the right stuff everyone is looking for.”

One of the most notable additions to the menu is the new vegan pizza, which is 100% vegan friendly. The pizza futures an eggless dough, as all their pizzas do, as well as cheese and meat substitutes.

In addition to pizzas, they also offer a variety of wings, pastas, cheesecake and several other dishes you’ll be sure to want to check out. The restaurant will often feature live music and performances by local bands as well.

Check out New York Co.’s menu on their website,