TAMU-CC University Center Wall Replacement


Gabriella Ruiz/ISLAND WAVES – UC wall that is going to be rebuilt.

On Nov. 15 2019, TAMU-CC held a pre-construction conference in regards of the replacement of the TAMU-CC University Center Wall. As the years go by the building is starting to get older, in which rain plays a major issue, and it has been going on for quite some time now due to Hurricane Harvey. The glass and attachments of the wall are starting to wear as water is beginning to leak, which is getting into the building. Construction is in favor of being cautious for the sake of the students and faculty staff.

The process through this is to tell a story for everyone’s benefit on how this wall is going to turn out. It’s just as important to the project team as it is to the building occupants. The process of the trial and end is set to go as according to the traditional schedule of the construction industry.

Throughout the 240 calendar days given, this project team will have to schedule meetings on a weekly basis, monitor progress, work with weather conditions and making sure materials are where they need to be.

According to Dr. John Dawson, Associate Vice President for Operations, “We want to make at least an impact to the operations of the building. …It’s still occupied and it still will be used so that’s the whole reason for this coordination and everybody.”

The University Wall is set to be done by the middle of summer 2020 in which the project contract is set as $2,391,025.000 dollars. Along with the contract Lawrence Gaertner, the Project Manager, is set to get the job started up and completed. Gaertner happens to also be the Construction Manager here at TAMU-CC and he has worked on building the College of Science and Engineering building for TAMU-CC. He is responsible for making sure that everything goes as planned, time management change, quality of process, documents for wall, final inspection and much more.

Freshman Travis Romero stated that he was unaware of the water conditions that have been happening with the University Center Wall. With learning about what has been going on he addressed that, “Since the wall is damaged and is leaking I think the University Center Wall needs to be rebuilt,” said Romero. “If it’s possible to do the construction over winter break or summer break it would greatly benefit the students by eliminating a possible annoyance and distraction.”

As the work progress continues, the team will do all they can to make sure this project turns out to be successful and prepare for whatever obstacles they may face.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact TAMU-CC Project Manager Lawrence Gaertner at (361) 548- 4419 and Joe Resendez at (361) 548-4419.