Mariachi de la Isla gives astounding performance at PAC


Arianna Aloia/ISLAND WAVES- Violinists lead the band in a song.

On Friday Nov. 15, TAMU-CC hosted a concert for our very own Mariachi de la Isla. The band is made up of thirteen students, playing instruments ranging from the violin to the trumpet to the guitar. Many of the band members were also very talented singers.

Audience members were encouraged to sing along as the band played several classic Tejano songs, including El Rey by Vicente Fernandez and Viva Mexico by Pedro Galindo.

As scheduled, the band began performing right at 7:30 and continued well on past 9:00. While most songs they performed were in Spanish, there were a few American classics such as Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by Frankie Valli.

Band performs “El Ray”.

The band said during the concert that they are always looking for new members. Students who can play any type of mariachi instrument are encouraged to contact Dr. Rai Morales.

“There’s a spot here for anyone,” said Danielle Russell, violin player and singer for the band. “It’s been a great experience and Dr. Morales is awesome so yeah reach out!”

The band is currently in the process of trying to host a city-wide mariachi music festival right here in Corpus Christi. The only information offered as of now is that it is scheduled to take place sometime in 2020, but people are encouraged to follow Mariachi de la Isla on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date!

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