A new coffee shop around the corner


Photography courtesy of Roasted/Roasted’s Facebook

Many may be familiar with Roasted, a friendly coffee shop that serves a great cup of coffee, delicious pastries and holds a variety of CBD products. Recently, the same owners have decided to open Wired, a sister shop on the corner of Ennis Joslin and Ocean Drive, replacing the old Islander Bookstore.

Getting a coffee company so close to TAMU-CC can come with complications, especially when real estate offerings are little to none. “When I opened Roasted I immediately started scoping Corpus for a place to put a second shop, and I dreamed of finding something that would give me the opportunity to serve students,” says Austin Benning, the owner of Wired. “That is till one of my buddies who works on campus messaged me that Islander bookstore Closed, that day I was over there talking to the owner getting a lease in place.”

With the new location, which is aimed to open sometime in December, Benning gives a few spoilers on what is to be expected. “So a couple things I’m pretty excited about are that I’m planning on having a drive-through, as well as a curbside service,” says Benning. “I’m planning on offering things that students were accustomed to purchasing from Islander Bookstore, like pencils, scantrons, bluebooks and calendars.”

With the change in name, many regulars might not be aware that their favorite coffee shop is opening a sister shop. Benning explained that the main reason for this was diversification, “We also plan on offering CBD infused drinks at Wired just like we do at Roasted but we are toning down the Cannabis Culture to appeal to a wider audience.”

Benning also added that they plan on dropping the commercial coffee roaster. Commercial coffee roasters operate by, essentially, heating the air inside the coffee machine rather than the coffee bean itself to produce the coffee. “Hence “Coffee Company” Vs “Coffee shop” we plan on offering delicious fresh roasted beans as part of our business model,” said Benning.

While Wired is not ready to release any official menu items, Benning did say they plan on having specialty drinks dedicated to Islanders.

With Wired’s convenient location, a quick coffee pickup will be just around the corner soon. Until then, visit the main location on 5535 Bonner Dr, Corpus Christi. For more information on the company, and their offerings make sure to visit https://shoproasted.com/