Final senate meeting of the semester brings multiple resolutions and a heartwarming goodbye


On Nov. 18 the Student Government Association held their final senate meeting of the fall semester. After an approval of the Oct. 7 minutes, Speaker Morell Jenkins introduced Em Rademaker, the new general manager for Momentum Village. Rademaker hopes to increase the quality of Momentum Village for those who reside there

President Sarina Garcia reminded the senate about the upcoming UCP Friendsgiving event for those who have already signed up. Senators who attend will be able to log the time at Friendsgiving as office hours. The SGA will be hosting an activity table in the UC Rotunda during Islander Lights on Nov. 22 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. There was also an update on the Homecoming Committee. The Committee mainly went over feedback they had received concerning the timing of events. Homecoming will be from Feb. 24 to Feb. 29. Garcia appointed Laraib Fatima as the new vice president. The current vice president Brittney Held will be graduating at the end of the fall semester. Fatima was appointed to the position under unanimous consent from the SGA.

Held also spoke about who would be representing the SGA at the Conference on Student Government Associations. She congratulated Gabriella Colon, McKenzie McLendon, Jared Gaza and Mohit Mathew and asked that they meet with Dr. Lisa Perez to get everything in order. Held also had the senate hold a vote for homecoming court. The majority voted Garcia as queen and Senator Kirk Jorgensen as king. Held gave a final thank you speech to the SGA as part of her final meeting.

Treasurer Clayton Swift proposed a budget of $2,000 for Friday Fiesta. $1,193 will go to catering and $675 will be used for a mechanical bull adding up to $1,868.47 with the remainder of the budget being kept for incidentals. The budget was accepted as presented with unanimous consent.

Chief Justice Stormie Gutierrez also gave an update on parking appeals while reminding that the judicial court will be reviewing applications for cord and stoles and applications would be closed by the end of that night.

Senator Mohit Mathew gave a report on the College of Science and Engineering. The senators reported on the creation of an animal lab as well as a student’s request for space available for coding competitions. Mathew mentioned that the I-create lab said it would be feasible that competitions could be held in their space.

Perez mentioned in her report that an annual census of the homeless population in the Corpus Christi area is seeking volunteers. Volunteers will count individuals that they see who are without shelter or residing in cars or tents. Dr. Don Albrecht also mentioned that a survey will be sent out to undergraduate students regarding free speech and rights. The survey is independent of the A&M system.

The senate voted on one bill and multiple resolutions. S.B. 29-4: Dean of Senate is a bill that will create a ceremonial title for students who have diligently served the student body with the greatest number of consecutive semesters of service receiving the title. The ceremonial title will not have any administrative duties. S.B. 29-4 was accepted by unanimous consent.

S.R. 29-1: Meal Donation Resolution was voted upon by the SGA. The resolution will give a call to action to allow a student’s meal swipes to be donated to students who may have food insecurity. The resolution was accepted with no objections. S.R. 29-3: E-Sports Resolution was brought forth. The resolution asks for a call to action for the E-sports club to gain university support. The resolution requests that the E-Sports club be provided with at least six gaming computers for the E-Sports team to practice on as well as a room suited for at least 20 students. The senate moved to table S.R. 29-3 for a later time. S.R. 29-4: Calculator Resolution was voted upon next. The resolution gives a call to action asking that the Bell Library offer calculator rentals for students who require a calculator for their classes. After a call to amend the resolution to call for a calculator borrowing system instead of rentals, the senate accepted with unanimous consent. The final resolution voted on was the Brittney Held Service Resolution, a resolution that recognizes the dedication and service of Held throughout her time at the 27th, 28th and 29th legislative session. With applause and tears from many involved, the resolution was passed by the 29th legislative session. Jenkins closed the final meeting with a trivia question and quote from “Forrest Gump.” “In Forrest Gump,” said Jenkins, “mama always said…” letting the rest of the SGA finish the quote. “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”