Students enjoying their Thanksgiving meal

Gabriella Ruiz/ISLAND WAVES - Members of Queen Beauty Club having a good time singing to their favorite songs.

Gabriella Ruiz/ISLAND WAVES – Members of Queen Beauty Club having a good time singing to their favorite songs.

Gabriella Ruiz, Sports Editor

On Nov. 20, UCP (University Center Program) held Friendsgiving for the Fall of 2019 in which they had help from CAB (Campus Activities Board), SGA (Student Government Association), SVC (Student Volunteer Connection) and I-Team. Students were able to enjoy their night with friends as they ate a free Thanksgiving meal, sang karaoke, made holiday cards for service members, played games and most importantly be thankful for those around them.

Students were able to participate in any activity that sparked their interest, and to go along with the event I-Care organized a “What are you thankful for?” tree for students to write what they were thankful for this semester.

According to University Center Programs Coordinator, Alissa Ramirez, “Friendsgiving was created to give students a place to come together, celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, and reflect on what they are most thankful for,” said Ramirez. “Especially for those students that may not be able to go home next week for actual Thanksgiving.”

Students enjoying their Thanksgiving meal.

Junior Jazmin Ferdin attended Friendsgiving with her QBC (Queen Beauty Club) friends to get away from the stress of studying for finals coming up. “What I enjoyed the most about Friendsgiving was getting to be around my friends, getting to just be ourselves around each other, and enjoying each others company,” said Ferdin. “It really helped relieve some stress from this semester. I am so ready to be home for Thanksgiving next week. …Even though I live in Corpus I hardly get to see my family so this break will give us some very much needed family time.”

Freshman Othnia Prime addressed that she enjoyed spending time with her friends as they all got together before they leave for Thanksgiving break. “It was really fun and I’m glad I got to experience this opportunity,” said Prime. “Everybody was lighthearted and was in a good mood for the holidays. Well I live here in Corpus so I’m excited for Thanksgiving break to go see my family.”

Overall Friendsgiving was an opportunity for students to feel welcomed as if they were home with their family. For those who were in circumstances where they could not go home for the break they had the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends as they took time out of their day to spread thanks to one another. For more holiday related events happening on campus make sure to check I-Engage for upcoming events.