SGA senate meeting 01-27-20

SGA senate meeting 01-27-20

TAMU-CC’s Student Government Association kicked off their first meeting of the semester on Monday, Jan. 27, after returning from the break.

The meeting began with Speaker of the Senate Morell Jenkins introducing Associate Vice President of Teaching & Learning Technologies Dr. Michelle Singh about the IKnow Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC) requires that its member institutions devise a QEP in order to be reaffirmed for accreditation at the institution’s decennial review.

“SACS gives you an accreditation like every good body,” said Singh. “They keep making sure to check that you are committed to delivering the best education possible on a consistent basis.”

Singh added that the QEP will help empower students to understand, interact and embrace digital information to aid them in future job opportunities. This includes ensuring that the sources students research are credible and current or recent.

Seniors will see the QEP take into effect by their capstone classes, sophomores will be able to see this take into effect in their pre-requisite courses, and freshman will experience it in their first-year seminars.

Singh mentioned that IKnow QEP will have a kick-off block party from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 4, in the Anchor Ballroom at the University Center.

President Sarina Garcia begins starting off her report by welcoming new Executive Board members starting with new Vice President Laraib Fatima, who succeeded Britney Held after she graduated last Fall.

Secretary Ryleigh Washerlesky and Chief Justice Stormie Guiterrez stepped down from their duties to take on major academic priorities. Jacob Benavides took the role as Secretary and after senate approval, RJ Loa is named the new Chief Justice for the Spring semester.

Garcia spoke about ParkMobile, saying that the parking garage no longer has the gates prohibiting entrance to students without a garage parking pass. Garcia stressed that because having a regular, non-garage parking pass doesn’t mean you’re exempt from parking wherever in the garage in ParkMobile spots on the second floor.

Students can park anywhere with a parking garage permit and are exempt from paying through ParkMobile on the second floor of the garage. Garcia encouraged concerns to be voiced through the TAMU-CC parking portals, and to make sure that your vehicle is registered with the right license plate number.

The University Beach Acquisition is making strides. Garcia explained that TAMU-CC President Kelly M. Miller’s office had a meeting scheduled in January for the Texas Land Grant Association in hopes of formally acquiring the beach property. Garcia asked if there are funds secured by them and was told that “the University does have funds already pulled aside to build a ramp.”

Vice President of Student Engagement and Success Dr. Don Alrbrecht read the advisor’s report for Dr. Lisa Perez, who was absent for the meeting, discussing updates for their strategic plan. This includes what programs they should have and how they should accomplish their goals for the next five to 10 years.

Garcia began the open forum by passing information from Senator Omar Diaz, who was unable to attend the meeting, regarding the proposed calculator rentals in the library. Diaz researched old syllabuses throughout the winter break and feedback from friends about the calculators they need.

Diaz broke down the needs to four types of calculators, which includes graphing, scientific, financing and accounting calculators. Recommended types were TI-83/84 for graphing, TI-30 for scientific, BA2 Plus for finance and the Gemini accounting calculator for accounting classes.

Disability Services Senator Jacquelyn Lara concluded the open forum by reminding everyone about the celebration of life memorial service for College of Science and Engineering Dr. Fabio Moretzsohn, who passed away on Monday, Jan. 6 after his battle with stage IV lung cancer. The celebration will take place at 2 p.m. on Feb. 16 at Seaside Memorial Park.