2020 Super Bowl delivers fresh advertisement gems


Courtesy of Bud Light

Post Malone looks confused after wreaking havoc in a convenience store.

Caleigh Sowder, Editor-in-Chief

2020’s Super Bowl brought tears for 49ers fans and laughs for the rest of us who only join in the fun for commercials and mom’s super secret dip. If you missed out on the game but wanted to still watch the ads, here are just a few of the funniest ads during the big game.


I didn’t think that any could have topped Jack Nicholson’s performance, but Bryan Cranston proved me wrong. The creepy twins have reached another level.

Too cool for you


Sam Elliot can definitely get it.

Earth, eat a Snicker

Because we’re all just getting a little bit tired.

Alexa, remind me to watch this again


If you ever wondered what they would’ve searched in history, this is for you.

My brain Post essay writing


I wonder if all of my brain cells wear circle glasses.


Now I know what I’ll be repeating for the rest of the week like a parrot.