SGA senate meeting recap 2-10-2020


Jonathan Garcia, Reporter

TAMU-CC’s Student Government Association Feb. 10 senate meeting welcomed a new senator and discussed topics including the departure of the Wells Fargo Bank on campus.

Speaker of the Senate Morell Jenkins called the meeting to order and started off by introducing the new Student Veterans Senator Irma Green who was appointed after Breanna Cornell graduated last Fall.

President Sarina Garcia announced that she met with the Institution Effectiveness Council for Academic Units regarding the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC) visit on Tuesday, Feb. 25 -Thursday, Feb. 27.

On Wednesday Feb. 26 will be the primary QEP evaluation day asking students about “I-Know,” Jenkins and Garcia will also be attending a student legislation panel about it.

Garcia also shared that TAMU-CC President Dr. Kelly Miller received copies of the Rip Current Ready Islanders resolution and the rip current safety information is implemented on the SGA website and has been admired by Miller. “She was super excited to see that rip current safety information was being implemented,” said Garcia, “She shared our initiatives with a couple of City Council members.”

Garcia concluded her report by reminding the senate that the Texas A&M system is looking into increasing mental health and mindfulness lifestyle opportunities and encouraged people to reach out to her for any ideas.

The biggest discussion of the meeting came from Advisor Dr. Lisa Perez who brought up that the Wells Fargo branch in the University Center will be closing down on Tuesday, May 12, as they chose not to renew their contract with the University.

Perez also added that they are in negotiations with Wells Fargo representatives to keep the ATM outside the UC and are awaiting an answer regarding it. This leaves a space open once the bank closes, to which Garcia suggested a neat idea that goes back in history. “If you go back and go through the University archives, at one point there was a soda shop, let’s bring that back,” said Garcia, “I think that would be a perfect spot, it’s a nice tribute to the University’s history.”

This would include a place where you can have ice cream, shakes and floats while you study or relax. Dr. Perez also talked about other suggestions that ranged from salons and a Whataburger to which both would have ventilation issues due to the size of the space, but one suggestion stood out and could be useful in the future. “Some people have said pharmacy since we don’t have a mini pharmacy,” said Perez. Perez also adds that it would help with prescriptions with the Health Center on campus and have more medicines like Advil, Tylenol, band-aids and other medical needs.

Perez also announced that they will be planning to relaunch the Starfish platform that the University uses as an early alert system for how a student is doing in that class. “We are relaunching a campaign this next week Wednesday,” said Perez, “Faculty members will start getting communication on how to fill out a small survey indicating on how a student is doing in a class.”