Political Science Club hosts primary watch party


Courtesy of CNN

Biden celebrating election results.

Miguel Gutierrez, Reporter

On Tuesday, Mar. 3, also known as Super Tuesday, the Political Science Club at TAMU-CC held a primary watch party in Bay Hall 103. Dr. Shane Gleason and Dr. Sanne Rijkhoff led discussions and helped students analyze results late into the evening.

Joe Biden took the majority of the delegates in Texas, with 34.5% of the vote and a total of 111 delegates. Bernie Sanders was not far behind with 102 delegates and 30% of the vote. Further down the line we had Michael Bloomberg with 10 delegates and Elizabeth Warren with five.

In Nueces County specifically, Biden took 37.9% of the vote, Sanders took 25.04%, Bloomberg took 18.82%, and Warren took 8.81%. After disappointing results not only in Texas, but in other states as well, both Bloomberg and Warren have decided to drop out of the race for presidential nominee. Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump took every Texas delegate in the republican primary.

In Nueces County, the race for the democratic nominee for the U.S. senate seat was close. We had Cristina Ramirez with 17.11%, Annie Garcia with 16.62% and Mary Hegar with 15.7%. There will be a runoff to determine who will get the nomination statewide, however it will be between Hegar and Royce West, who only took 3.06% of the vote in our county. The winner of that runoff will be facing the republican nominee, John Cornyn.

Incumbent Representative Michael Cloud of course took the Republican nominee for reelection, however the candidate he will be facing off against actually lives in California. Rick De La Fuente beat Charlie Jackson, who is a Corpus Christi resident, for the democratic party nomination.

According to KRIS 6 News, De La Fuente said that he is familiar with the area because his family owns property in Victoria. “If there had been a Latino candidate, I would not have had to come from out of state to run,” De La Fuente said in an interview with KRIS 6 News.

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