County stay at home order affects students and staff


Courtesy of Nueces County, Texas

The stay at home order allows people to still leave their houses to get groceries.

Miguel Gutierrez, Reporter

On Wednesday, March 25, Nueces County Judge Barbra Canales signed into affect a stay at home order for all of Nueces County. It is important to note that this is different from a shelter in place order as it still allowing residents to conduct essential business such as grocery shopping or outdoor exercise.

“I want you all to understand that this is an important message to say, ‘We really mean it.’” said Canales. Please stay home so that we can stay safe and stay healthy.’ The idea is not to punish you.”

Regardless, the situation still impacts students and faculty. Education major Katie McLemore said, “Since the explosion of COVID-19, I have experienced some frustrating difficulties.”

McLemore mentioned having trouble finding groceries and other essential items.

“Overall, while I do believe we need to take precautions, I also believe people have taken this too far and caused more of an issue than the virus itself,” said McLemore.

English Professor Chuck Etheridge said, “Tech writing faculty usually teach online, so we were prepared for the shift. The question was, ‘Are our students ready to make the shift online?’”

“My biggest challenges have been delivery and contacting students,” said Etheridge. “Until this morning, I hadn’t heard from all my students. I used an app university provides faculty and called the students I hadn’t heard from, and, for those who didn’t provide the university with a phone number, I emailed all of their email addresses (personal, Islander, and any other ones provided).

“I started around nine. By noon, I had made contact with everyone, and we’d worked out a plan to help them get on track.”

“I’m facing the same challenges many students are,” Etheridge continued. “Still, I’m blessed in that I am in a position that I can work from home and that my paycheck will continue. In that, I’m very fortunate. … So I work, I try to care for my students and my family, and have faith that tomorrow will be brighter.”

The order will last until April 8 and the entire order can be found online at Stay tuned with Island waves as we continue to bring you updates on the situation.