Pass/fail option becomes available at TAMU-CC


Courtesy of Registrar's Office/TAMU-CC

TAMU-CC joins other universities in allowing students to choose a pass/fail option.

Karina Garcia, Riptide Anchor

As of April 1, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the petition to push for a pass/fail grading system, TAMU-CC has decided to give its undergraduate students the option of applying the Pass/Fail system to their 2020 Spring classes.

“In order to opt in to the new grading method, students must complete the Pass/No Pass declaration,” said Clarenda Phillips the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. “Instructions on how to make the declaration will be sent out by the Registrar on April 20.  Before the declaration is processed, academic advisors and other specialized staff (e.g., Financial Aid, Veterans Affairs, Athletic Academic Services, International Education) must approve the request.”

Once the Pass/Fail request has been submitted, your grading can no longer change back to the regular grading method.

Courses that are not available for the Pass/Fail grading system include repeated courses, Developmental Education courses and graduate-level courses. To see additional information and other courses not eligible for Pass/Fail, check here.

It is important to note that the 6-Drop limit rule is suspended and courses will not count for the 8-credit hour limit in the Pass/Fail grading system for this semester.

“The Pass/No Pass is a big thing for me because I still have to work a lot to provide for my family,” says TAMU-CC Student Rodney Robinson, a sophomore studying Information Systems. He also mentions that he’s appreciative of the university for its decision, and for understanding its students during this difficult time in transitioning to online classes.