Campus Activities Board holds virtual scavenger hunt


Gabriella Ruiz

Participants were able to see a leaderboard showing who was leading in the scavenger hunt

Gabriella Ruiz, Sports Editor

To kick off the beginning of the fall semester for 2020, CAB (Campus Activities Board) welcomed Islanders to their first virtual Find Your Islander Way: Scavenger Hunt that took place from Wednesday, Aug. 19th to Tuesday, Sept. 1st. 

Along this 10-day scavenger hunt, students were able to participate through the mobile app GooseChase. GooseChase is designed to allow participants to complete several missions that permits them to have fun while gaining points to win. For TAMU-CC students, this app allows them to participate with the idea virtually instead of in person. Throughout this scavenger hunt, students were able to answer questions related to the university and take photo evidence of the missions that they have to complete in order to rank up in the leaderboard. 

Freshman Ames Finley decided to take advantage of this scavenger hunt because she enjoys how the game is interactive with having to take pictures that reflect being an Islander here on campus. 

“It’s pretty fun,” said Finley. “I plan on completing as much as I can even though I don’t know the answers to most of them.”

Coordinator of CAB, Mia Gonzales, mentioned that they have been planning this event since June and decided to use the virtual component as a way for everyone to follow social distancing protocols that the university has set while this global pandemic continues to happen. 

“Students are really enjoying the game and they like playing,” said Gonzales. “We would consider using GooseChase again because we really like how it’s structured and we think that the students like it, in which it makes it free and easy for them.” 

CAB gave out over 200 prizes that range from T-Shirts, a Nintendo Switch, a TV, LED Strip lights, a Yeti Cooler and many more prizes.  

Senior Illiana Beltran states that her favorite thing about this game is that she is able to learn facts about the campus that she didn’t know before. By being completely unaware of this app, she was able to enjoy playing it for the first time.

“I feel like these missions are pretty easy and I plan on completing every single mission,” stated Beltran.

Over 118 students registered for the event. Students who are interested in future virtual CAB events should keep an eye out on IEngage.