Leadership @ TAMU-CC and Waves of Welcome host virtual escape room


Students were able to interact with virtual rooms online.

Gabriella Ruiz, Reporter

On Tuesday, Sept. 1st, Leadership @ TAMU-CC and Waves of Welcome hosted a Virtual Escape Room on Zoom. This event allowed The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Company to host the instructions on how the event would work.

As part of the escape room, students were able to receive the memorandum of Captain D. McLendon, who was from the Cyber Crime Division. Students who played as detectives had to solve clues in order to find the missing Detective John Axley, taken by the evil Mr. E.

Student Activities Coordinator (Advisor for Leadership @ TAMU-CC), Mara Wiginton mentioned that they hosted two of these Virtual Escape Rooms which students enjoyed and that they plan on hosting more as the semester continues.

“The goal of this event is to help students in their teamwork and communication skills,” said Wiginton. “Leadership is all about working together to accomplish a common goal. For this event, students must work together to solve all of the clues and escape the virtual room.”

The host of the group, Detective Wilder, walked the students through this event the entire time while they were solving clues in order to find the missing detective. Detective Wilder also assigned a Lead Detective position to Freshman Pablo Martinez to carry his team into solving clues. They had to explore social media and other websites to update their clue folder which would get them closer to discovering where Detective Axley was located.

With Martinez playing the role of the Lead Detective, his team ended up being successful in escaping the Virtual Room and finding all the clues to discover the missing detective. Even though Martinez and his team were able to complete these clues, he stated that he didn’t enjoy the event because it didn’t appeal to him as fun.

“The biggest problem is that it felt forced down one linear path. … it felt like there was very little ‘choice’ in the game,” said Martinez. “I understand that it was just how the game ran but it was still infuriating that the book and picture ended up having clues but since we hadn’t ‘unlocked’ the clues, I couldn’t pick them easier despite it being obvious they had clues. It really ruined the feel of the game for me when it was revealing the book and picture frame had a clue.”