TAMU-CC student athlete tests positive for the coronavirus

Karina Garcia, Reporter

Another student athlete has recently tested positive for Coronavirus, this after the latest round of 82 tests were administered in the past two weeks.

In accordance with HIPAA policy and regulations, the identities of all affected student athletes have been kept private, and Athletic Director Jon Palumbo declined to reveal for which team the athlete plays.

Since July, a total of 349 tests have been conducted, resulting in four positive tests. “All individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 have been directed to immediate self-isolation in a manner consistent with university policy and CDC guidelines,” said Palumbo. “Contact tracing has also been conducted for each positive test result, also consistent with university policy.” 

Palumbo adds that the athletics department has conducted a “robust Covid-19 testing program” conforming with guidelines of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Palumbo also ensures that student athletes are subject to daily temperature checks, coronavirus symptom screening, and are  required to use personal protective equipment.  Additionally, he says athletic equipment and facilities undergo regular sanitization. 

The university as a whole has conducted 658 coronavirus tests with a result of 13 positive cases since they began testing. This includes the tests administered to student-athletes according to Palumbo. Members of the community can also access this information on the TAMU-CC case count web page. Additionally, TAMU-CC is offering free coronavirus testing for students, faculty, and staff.